Disney Sisters: September 2011

D is for Dumbo

Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment invites audiences to let their spirits soar with the release of the beloved animated classic DUMBO, for the first time ever in high definition as a 70th Anniversary Edition on September 20, 2011. -Press Release

My youngest daughter has just recently had her first ride on Dumbo at Disneyland, and has seen him flying during the fireworks show. So when we got our copy of the movie and I showed her the DVD cover, she immediately recognized him, got excited, and asked to watch the film. I was happy to watch it with her for the first time so that I could get her reaction. (That's how I am about Disney Movies - Total Geek.)

DUMBO, the classic movie that we all grew up with has finally been rereleased on Blue Ray and DVD in HD for the first time, for a new generation to experience. It was made 70 years ago, can you believe that? But don't wait too long to get your copy because in true Disney Movie fashion, it's only available for a limited time. (Before it goes back to the vault.)

Even the opening is very entertaining with the brightly colored Circus Poster titles. The movie is filled with animals, and an overall circus theme so kids love it. (My daughter especially loves the baby animal aspect of it.) The use of a train as a character is a great way to engage children too. Casey Junior is definitely a hit with my little one. The soundtrack has the usual classics, and Dumbo won an oscar in 1941 for best scoring of a musical picture. The 3 main elements in this movie are Family, Friendship and Flying. As long as you have the unconditional love from a parent, a best friend who believes in you and a unique skill or talent you can achieve amazing things. The sky's the limit! Literally.

Highlights of the film
(aka some of our favorite songs, scenes and characters)

Pink Elephants on Parade
The scene when Dumbo and Timothy accidentally get drunk. It's filled with Surrealist art. The shapes and color transitions are perfect to entertain and stimulate preschool children like mine. It has a familiar feel like other Disney movies, Fantasia, and even Heffalumps and Woozles. (from Winnie the Pooh) We love this style of animation that Disney does so well.

Baby Mine
(Get our your tissues) Where Dumbo gets to visit his mother in confinement and she rocks him in her trunk, to the lullaby, "Baby Mine." Every mother in the world can somehow relate to this scene. We have all missed our babies at one time or another. It is so very sweet and always brings on the tears.

When I See An Elephant Fly
The black crows who first discover Dumbo in a tree, eventually befriend him and Timothy and become his flight mentors. They sing one of the most popular songs in the movie "When I See An Elephant Fly." They are such fun to watch, they way they sing and dance. They add a light hearted element to the film.

Mr. Stork
The stork who delivers Dumbo to Ms. Jumbo, voiced by none other then Sterling Holloway. (most famous for being the voice Winnie the Pooh) Though Mr. Stork only has a small part in the film, he is very memorable and when he finally brings Dumbo to his mother, cute comedy ensues.

The Message
Dumbo is a very special movie to share with your family. It has a very important message. I think it's one of the most valuable things that you can learn in life.
It's ok to be different.
What makes us different is what makes us special.

More Dumbo Fun:

Check out these fun Dumbo crafts you can create on Disney Family.

Photo Credit: Disney Family

And recently the Disney Parks Blog posted this adorable Dumbo wallpaper for your computer, so you can enjoy everyone's favorite flying elephant all the time. How cute is that?

Image Courtesy Of Disney

There is something about the simplicity of Dumbo that makes it a Disney Classic film. The simplicity of the artwork, characters and the storyline. It's really beautiful and timeless. When a film still resonates with it's audiences 70 years later, you know it's a true classic. I was so glad that I got a chance to review the movie. I hadn't seen it in years. I'm happy to say that it was just as good as I remembered it. And I'm happy to announce Dumbo now has a new fan in my 4 year old little girl.

~ Review done by Jessica

D is for D U M B O

Full Disclosure: We were not paid in any way for this post. We were given a DVD to help facilitate this review.

Halloween BOOtique at the Disney Store

Last Thursday night the stars came out and brought their children to the Disney Store in Santa Monica, CA. The Disney Store hosted a special Halloween BOOtique to showcase the new costumes. It was a not so scary night, that included story time, costume shopping and a surprise visit from Mickey! It was the Disney Sisters first time at the Santa Monica location, and also in the new style Disney Store "Imagination Park." We'll be posting more about that soon - It's really AMAZING!

We were also thrilled to see the new line of Costumes / Role Play outfits. You couldn't help but notice all of the designer gowns and duds hanging on all of the walls every where you turned. This however, wasn't the first time we have seen them. Our first glimpse of these magical creations was at the D23 Expo where we saw a Disney Halloween Costume Preview Parade. We were really impressed and couldn't wait for our kids to get a peek too.

The slogan that you see all over the Disney Store is "I am." I am a Princess. I am Sleeping Beauty. I am a Buzz Lightyear. As parents, we know that fantasy and role playing is such an important part of learning. The Disney Store is helping to engage children's imaginations, when they put on these ensembles they actually become the princess, or hero they want to be. They transform into their favorite Disney character from a movie, or story book. You can literally watch their body language change right before your eyes, when they put on the costume and see themselves in the mirror. They walk different, they talk different. It's pure Disney magic. For parents it brings some much joy to see your child's eyes light up when they become Cinderella, or Lightning McQueen.

One of our favorite parts of the night was watching each child pick out their costume. They took their time, they looked carefully at each one, until they finally found a perfect fit. It was very exciting, even the cast members were totally getting into it!

Jessica's daughter Kaia (4 years old) picked Minnie Mouse, she even wore the ears (which were very bedazzled) and she especially loved the mini high heels.

Becky's son Nick (tween) went straight for Captain Hook, and rocked the hat like a true Pirate, Arrr! He also enjoyed playing with the battery operated, noise making sword and hook accessories.
(Who wouldn't?)

But our kids weren't the only ones having a blast...
Our friend Caryn's (Rockin Mama) kids were adorable in their costumes.
Her daughter was Belle and her son Spiderman.

Joey Lawrence's (Whoa) daughters both choose the Little Mermaid costume.
Melissa & Joey on ABC Family.

Kyle Richard's daughter choose Rapunzel from Tangled. (We have a feeling this may be the most popular for this season)

Candace Cameron Bure's boys both picked Captains. One Captain Jack Sparrow, and the other Marvel character, Captain America. (yes they have Marvel too!)

Molly Ringwald brought her whole family out too. They were having a great time posing with Halloween Mickey. (And we were having a very Sixteen Candles moment - So Fun!)
For all you fans - Secret Life of an American Teenager  new season coming soon!

From infant to toddler, child to teen, they even have adult costumes. It sure makes getting into the holiday spirit as a family, fun. You can all coordinate and become characters with a similar theme, like Woody, Jessie and Buzz, or you can each be something unique. None of them are really scary, the only one that may frighten (if at all) is the Adult Maleficent Costume. (Which some little ones may find spooky - just because she is a villan) Each Disney Store has a large selection, and if you don't find something that you want in the store, or the right size you will definitely find it online.

As you can see the children were all adorable and had a lovely evening full of treats, no tricks. We can't wait until Mickey's Halloween Party at Disneyland where they will wear their new costumes. But we know they will also enjoy wearing them around the house too.
Did you know, The Disney Store is on Facebook? You can also follow the Disney Store on Twitter!

Full Disclosure: This is not paid a post. We were invited to this special media event. Thank you to the Disney Store for gifting us costumes and to all of the hard work that went into creating such a magical evening for everyone.

David Arquette is Dancing With The Stars

The Disney Sisters love David Arquette!

Disney Sisters had a chance to chat with none other than the dashing, handsome, cute, and funny
David Arquette at Disney's D23 Expo.

We were so excited to hear he is on ABC's Dancing with the Stars this season!
Needless to say we are voting for David Arquette all the way this year!!!
David and his partner Kim are super adorable together
and what makes us love them even more,they call themselves
Team #GoodTimes!
So, be sure to vote for them and you can also 
follow them on twitter, the @DisneySisters do!
And don't forget to use their hashtag #GoodTimes

And for those younger fans, David Arquette is the voice of Skully on Disney Junior's animated show Jake and the Never Land Pirates on the Disney Channel. (Disney Junior)
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Pirates Spotted during Halloween Time at Disneyland

It's been one Blimey good time here at Disney Sisters this week. We hope you've enjoyed our Pirate theme this week as much as we have! Did you enter our Jake and the Never Land Pirates GIVEAWAY yet? Well what are ye waitin' for... we're picking 2 lucky winners for the loot on 9/27/11!

For our last day, we thought we'd do a Flashback Friday on the fun we had last year at MICKEY'S HALLOWEEN PARTY. And to keep with our theme this week, of here's our favorite PIRATE moments at DISNEYLAND.

HALLOWEEN TIME is going on now through Oct 31 at Disneyland Resort. Make sure to visit to see all of the spooky changes they've made just for the season, and visit all of your favorite PIRATE attractions! They're BOOtylicious!

And remember Dead Men Tell No Tales... ARR!
For more fun PIRATE themed fun,
check out what happened this week when PIRATES took over the DISNEY BLOG.

Pirate Night Aboard The Disney Cruise

We are celebrating PIRATES all week long at Disney Sisters... Yo-Ho!
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One of our favorite nights on the Disney Cruise is the
  Pirates IN The Caribbean Party 

Join the crew out on deck after dinner for a Pirate Dance Party where the crew teaches you a few dance moves. And no Pirate Party would be complete without Captain Hook and the gang, they arrive late and crash the party! 

All you Buccaneers bring your appetite to the "buffet on deck" 
and eat like the Pirates do! 

The swashbuckling fun begins in the dining room
where a pirate Mickey bandana is waiting for each guest!
Drink up, me 'earties, yo ho!

 Walk the plank!

The magical evening ends
 with none other than the fabulous fireworks the Disney Cruise Ships Fantasy, Dream, Magic and Wonder are famous for.

Disney is the only cruise line to have fireworks at sea, we didn't expect anything less!

Pirate Beauty

We are celebrating PIRATES all week long at Disney Sisters... Yo-Ho!
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Disney and Jerry Bruckheimer Films' Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, have not only created movies they are also inspiring beauty, fashion and lifestyle.
High Tide And High Fashion 

"Iridescent eyes with soft cheeks, shimmering coral lips and an alabaster complexion. Inspired by the divine beauty and captivating appeal of Sirens; this collection provides an amplitude of opulent shades, from shimmering corals and aquamarine shadows, designed to capture mystical beauty"-DuWop

Pirates and More Pirates Arr!

We are celebrating PIRATES all week long at Disney Sisters... Yo-Ho!
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For Immediate Release:

Swashbuckling in on October 18, 2011 the latest Pirates movie hits the stores.
PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: ON STRANGER TIDES where they set off on an Epic Quest to find the Fountain of Youth.

We've been asked to share with you this cool tutorial of PIRATE-SPEAK from Disney
So Clear the Deck, Stay the Course and gather around with all of your Best Mates! Yar! It's like a Dictionary of Terms that all of the Pirates know, Shiver Me Timbers!
PS: Who knew that SWAG was a Pirate term?

Find out more info on all things PIRATES on these official Disney sites:

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Ahoy Mateys!
It's Talk Like A Pirate Day!

Who better to hear from then the two land lubbers who created Pirate Rock?
While at the D23 Expo we got a chance to meet and interview Lorne Hoskins and Kevin Hendrickson. (aka Sharky and Bones) These are the geniuses behind the music of Jake and the Never Land Pirates on Disney Channel's Disney Junior. You've heard their Jake and the Never Land Pirate Band music on Radio Disney and seen their music videos on the Disney Channel. What we discovered is they are just two great dads from Oregon, turned pirate rockers. Disney found them while looking for a sound for the show. We Disney Sisters love stories like that!

These awesome dads are super fun.... check them out!

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