Disney Sisters: November 2015

Disney Movie Posters: A Beautiful Book for Disney Fans and Collectors

After having seen and experienced a wonderful Disney motion picture, the mere sight of the poster can bring back the feelings of having taken the journey by watching the film. Disney Movie Posters is a tribute to those posters, which tell the story both before and after we see the movie. Imagine having a collection of all of your favorite Disney movie posters from the past up to the present, from animated to live-action films. There are over 135 posters featured in this beautiful artistic book. We can't think of a better book to buy for a Disney movie lover for the holidays. From "Steamboat Willie" to "Inside Out" DISNEY MOVIE POSTERS is a timeless collectible for all ages and would make the perfect coffee table book.

Disney Movie Posters
By: Kevin Luperchio 
Series: Disney Editions Deluxe / 150 pages

From the publisher:
Anyone who has ever seen a Disney movie knows that the iconic images are beautifully conveyed via the magnificent posters. The tone of the movie and the full range of emotions we experience in seeing the film are often captured in a single poster. Disney Movie Posters have been an important part of the motion picture process since Disney began making motion pictures. Not only are they eye-catching pieces of artwork, they are also designed to entice the movie-going audience. From Steamboat Willie, to Frozen and countless movies in between, Disney Movie Posters have been an important part of the films themselves. Disney shorts, animated movies, live action movies and Pixar movies can be remembered and honored by the posters that so efficently capture the magic of the film.

This would make an incredible gift for the Holiday Season, 
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