Disney Sisters: September 2016

Disney Enchanted Tales: New Disney Princess App for Mobile

When Disney Interactive requests your presence at a Royal Tea Party at the Disney Creative Campus, you put on your fancy ears and jump at the chance. What a magical way to learn all about the newest kingdom-building game, Disney Enchanted Tales which happens to be available for download on your mobile device now. Yay!

We're always excited when a new Disney game launches and this one is no different. Being able to play out some of our favorite Princess stories with Disney characters that we know and love including Belle, Gaston, Anna, Elsa, Rapunzel, Flynn Rider, etc. Yassssss! Just look at these faces, aren't they adorable? New characters, outfits and memorable story moments from additional cherished Disney classic tales will be unlocked as players complete story-based missions. So the game will continue to grow and change with players.

In this enchanting and whimsical game, you can create custom kingdoms using familiar landmarks and buildings from “Beauty and The Beast,” “Frozen” and “Tangled. You can expand and build out your kingdoms by completing tasks and quests. The quicker you do that, the faster you can earn new iconic landmarks, such as Belle’s Bookstore, The Beast’s Castle, Elsa’s Ice Palace, Rapunzel’s Tower and more.

We've been having a ball playing and are already on level 7. My daughter Kaia is still really enjoying playing the game. We are actually having a lot of fun building it together and customizing our space. There's so much to do and build, it's constantly prompting players to try new things for coins, stars and diamonds. You're going to want as many of those three items as you can get. It's how you can expand your fairytale land to unlock more characters and stories.

Here are some of our actual screenshots from while were playing:

Warning: Like many other Disney Mobile Apps, you may find yourself becoming addicted. I'm looking at you Disney Emoji Blitz.

Disclosure: We were invited to an event to learn about the game and get a chance to play it to help further this review. We received a bag of goodies, but no other compensation was provided. The opinions on this blog are 100% magical and 100% the Disney Sisters only. 
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