Disney Sisters: October 2015

ReImagine Conference 2015: ReImagine Your Life #ReImagineConf

The second annual ReImagine Conference is right around the corner. If you follow us then you may already know about it because we've been raving since last November. But if you're new here, let us give you a little refresher. Last year we attended the very first ReImagine Conference and we've never been the same. This one of a kind conference is put on by the incredible folks at Noah University (which Jessica is currently enrolled in.) Of all the conferences that we have gone to, this one was the most beneficial in terms of productive advice and tools to help launch you toward your life goals! We went last year and it totally kicked our butts in the best possible way. An energizing, emotionally draining, mind-blowing three day event that will change your life. The three of us left there like whoa, what just happened? Our minds were spinning, literally overwhelmed with so much enlightenment. We can't say enough about the rich content and the quality of speakers at ReImagine, it's unlike anything we've ever experienced. Each speaker had a unique story and perspective but they were all sharing the same positive message that you just HAVE to hear. YOU HAVE TO. ReImagine Conference is for everyone, including entrepreneurs, creatives, students, bloggers, men, women, fathers, mothers, dreamers, doers and mostly human beings. So that covers about everyone! It's not to late and here's the invitation you've been waiting for, to reclaim your power and start doing what it is you want to do with your time here and figure out your life's legacy.

Taking place November 12-14, 2015 in beautiful Orange County (home to Disneyland) at the Double Tree in Santa Ana. We will be there getting our hearts and souls refueled and we hope you will join us. Make new friends and gather with like-minded people who are also focused on making their dreams a reality. If you are feeling stuck in a rut, ReImagine Conference is for you. If you feel like you want to take your life to the next level, ReImagine Conference is for you. Here's your big chance to be inspired by creatives who are genuinely interested in helping you achieve happiness and success. Don't let another year by without making a change and taking a step in the right direction. It's time to invest in yourself, your brand, your career and your future! Let's do it together!

The man behind the magic is Noah Eliaswe first met him at a Disney event and we've been cool ever since. You may have met him at D23 Expo or a signing in Downtown Disney. We were fortunate enough to interview him and he was so dynamic and passionate about what he was doing. We were automatically drawn to him, he's just that kind of person. Noah is the type of guy you want as your friend, he's so inspiring! We believe in him and we believe in the work he is doing. Disney Sisters are proud and consider it a privilege to support Noah the artist, Noah University and ReImagine Conference.

For Disney fans like you, this conference is especially extraordinary because there are always Disney artists, imagineers and celebrities that you know and love speaking about their journey. The best part is, it's a smaller, more intimate setting then the usual place you are able to see them. Last year's speakers included names like Disney Legend Tony Baxter, Steve Davison, Dana Harvey, Logan Seklow and more Disney artists. Last year we met famous Youtuber, Charisma Star at ReImagine and we've been friends ever since!

This year has a whole new line-up of speakers (many with ties to Disney) who will inspire, uplift and launch you forward into changing your life and giving you the motivation to do it.
SO MUCH MOTIVATION YOU GUYS, like beyond! We can't even! 

Get ready to ReImagine everything:
Reimagine Your Life
Reimagine Your Self
Reimagine Your Craft
Reimagine Your Time
Reimagine Your Talent
Reimagine Your Treasure/Money
Reimagine Your Execution
Reimagine Your Relationships

Here's the line-up of phenominal speakers and special guests:

Noah Elias - Artist, Author, Speaker, Mentor, Creator of the Kid in Me, Working Brands like Walt Disney Co, MTV, Lexus.

J. Scott Campbell - Comic book Artist & Illustrator best known for his work on Danger Girl, FairyTale Fantasies, Spiderman, Marvel, & Disney.

Josh Shipp - Author, Speaker who has spoke to more than 2 Million people live, TV Personality on MTV, TNT, A&E, Lifetime, Entrepreneur.

Arik Ehle - Animator at Pixar, Artist, Entrepreneur, Founder Wild WestSide, Urban Taxidermy Innovator.

Jeremy Reiss - Designer @Twitter, Pixel perfectionist, Baseball enthusiast, 100% Kentucky proof.

Kohl Crecelius - CEO & Co-founder of Krochet Kids int. Kohl’s life mission is to reshape consumer behavior, apparel production, and the non-profit sector.

Jon Talbert - Leader, Visionary, Speaker, Author, Comedian. Working with NFL & MLS TEAMS, Stanford, Purdue, & USC.

Justin Stumvoll - Author, Life Consultant that uses unorthodox methods to give clarity and create unprecedented results.

Gustaf Jelstrom Artist, Musician, Producer, Filmmaker, Creative director, Wicked Procrastinator, Dr. Pepper Enthusiast.

Bob Shank - Speaker, Mentor, Leader of Leaders, Best Selling author or Life Mastery, Founder of the Masters Program.

Chris Chapman - Global Creativity & Innovation Director/Artist & Designer for Disney, with a passion for play.

Abi Stumvoll - Speaker, Teacher, Life Consultant, specializing in the healing of emotional pain and shame.

Blair Reynolds - Entrepreneur, coffee addict, business strategist, founder of ONTHEBEAM and President of save1.com.

Thomas Aiello - Telling visual stories by finding the truth about who people are, then manifesting that truth through film.

Ryan Audagnotti - Acres of Love Founder and Emissary-at-large; global advocacy, for the rights of the abandoned and orphaned infants and children.

Katie Kelly - Renowned Artist, Author, Mom, Creative, Innovator, Illustrator, Disney Artist, Children’s Book Author.

Daniel Chesnut - Co-Founder & Director @ Process Creative. Telling stories in hopes to challenge the way people think about their own lives.

Angie Callen - Reformed engineer now immersed in a creative environment. Executive Director, Red Brick Center for the Arts. Small business owner, Bomber Alpine Snowboard Outfitters.

Louis Lemoine - Retired Walt Disney Imagineer / Visual Magician

Make sure to get your tickets now!
Go to ReImagineConference.com for more info.
See you there!

If you can't be there make sure to follow along on Social Media, on hashtag #ReImagineConf - we'll be live tweeting from the event. You can also follow ReImagine Conference on Twitter. Leave a comment below to let us know if you will be attending this year.

Check out some of our tweets from last year's Conference.

Disclosure: We were not compensated for this post. We will be given tickets to this event to attend as members of the media. We cannot wait! All opinions are 100% magical and 100% those of the Disney Sisters only.

We Love Disney: A Magical, Musical Journey #WeLoveDisney

We Love Disney music don't you?
Everyone that we know has a favorite Disney song. Just ask yourself. The hardest part about the question is trying to figure out which one song is actually your favorite. Hasn't evenyone at one time or another been touched by a song while watching a Disney movie. All the feelings. All the emotions.

Growing up Disney fans, Disney music has played a big part in our lives so when we heard about the Disney soundtrack coming out, we jumped at the chance to get our copy! "We Love Disney" is all about the old classics paired with contemporary artists who put their own twist and sprinkle their own pixie dust on the tracks. Tale as old as time, tune as old as song...  Ariana Grande, Rascal Flatts, Gwen Stefani, Fall Out Boy, this record has so many big names. Sounds of our youth remixed by the artists of today is going to keep the "We Love Disney" album in heavy rotation around our house.

Here's the tracks on this album filled with Disney magic:
1. “Friend Like Me” (from Aladdin) – Ne-Yo
2. “Part of Your World” (from The Little Mermaid) – Jessie J
3. “Can You Feel the Love Tonight / Nants’ Ingonyama” (from The Lion King) – Jason Derulo
4. “The Rainbow Connection” (from The Muppet Movie) – Gwen Stefani
5. “Zero to Hero” (from Hercules) – Ariana Grande
6. “In a World of My Own / Very Good Advice” (from Alice in Wonderland) – Jhené Aiko
7. “I Wan’na Be Like You (The Monkey Song)” (from The Jungle Book) – Fall Out Boy
8. “Colors of the Wind” (from Pocahontas) – Tori Kelly
9. “Spoonful of Sugar” (from Mary Poppins) – Kacey Musgraves
10. “Ev’rybody Wants to Be a Cat” (from The Aristocats) – Charles Perry
11. “A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes” (from Cinderella) – Jessie Ware
12. “Let It Go” (from Frozen) – Rascal Flatts & Lucy Hale
13. “It’s a Small World” – We Love Disney Artists
14. “It’s Not Easy Being Green” (from The Muppet Show) – Brenna Whitaker
15. “A Whole New World” (from Aladdin) – Yuna

"We Love Disney Music" has pop, rock, country and R&B sure to capture the ear (and heart) of many. Verve Records and Walt Disney Records brought together 12 completely different artists to create a stellar mix of sounds and styles. For the jazz lover, Ne-Yo's version of "Friend Like Me" is so catchy. For those who are into country music, a new country take on Frozen mega-hit "Let It Go" by Rascal Flast and Lucy Hale is unlike any version you've ever heard before. A variety of artists collaborated on "It's a Small World" that will have you singing this classic all day long. Of course will always love the classics but that doesn't mean there isn't enough room on our playlist to include these new versions of Disney songs.

Our current favorite tracks from this album are...
A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes
Colors of the Wind
Let It Go
It's a Small World
...but we really like all of them!

With the holidays coming up "We Love Disney Music" is the perfect gift to get the Disney-phile in your life or any music lover who appreciates good music. You can download it on iTunes or buy your copy on Amazon starting on October 30, 2015 and go on one magical, musical journey.

Disclosure: We participated in the We Love Disney album review program as a member of One2One Network. I was provided an album to review but all opinions are our own.

All Aboard: The Wonderful World of Disney Trains

All Aboard: The Wonderful World of Disney Trains
by Dana Amendola

"Yes, in one way or another I have always loved trains." - Walt Disney

Choo! Choo! Anyone who's had a chance to ride around Disneyland Park on the Disneyland Railroad, has experienced that sense of adventure and magic Walt felt as a boy when it came to trains.  If you know much about Walt Disney, then you probably already know that he was a huge train afficianado. If you like trains or are interested in Disney history, All Aboard: The Wonderful World of Disney Trains (Disney Editions Deluxe) is an incredible book to add to your collection. It would be a great conversation starter as a coffee table book. This book is beautiful. It's the type of book you would find in a museum, filled with interesting facts and rail history exploring the wide variety of trains in Disney history. We had no idea how many trains are in Walt Disney films from Casey Jr. in Dumbo, Aristocats, Incredibles, Paul Bunyan, The Three Caballeros, The Lone Ranger to the famous opening runaway train scene on Toy Story 3. Even the opening from Walt Disney Pictures' logo features a steam train sequence!

Here's a look at the Chapters in All Aboard: The Wonderful World of Disney Trains that have had us glued to each of the 192 pages. The book, which was released a month ago, also includes a foreward by the train loving John Lasseter.

1. Keep Moving Forward
Walt Disney Works on the Railroad

2. Born on a Train
The True Story of Mickey Mouse

3. Trains in Disney Film
From Paper to Pixels

4. Four Men, Four Trains
A Shared Passion for the Rails

5. Behind the Roundhouse
The Not-So-Hidden-Secrets of Disney Trains

6. Trains in the American Vernacular
Railroad Terminology in American Dialogue

Here's the excerpt taken from the front flap of the book:

"Walt Disney's love of trains began an early age. As a young boy, he like to brag but his uncle was an engineer on the actress in Topeka and Santa Fe Railway but it also instilled in him the sense of adventure the trains could provide. As a teenager, he worked a board the Missouri Pacific Railroad as a news butcher. 

His deep affection for the rails would insert itself into just about every aspect of the magical world he went on to create. From the Iconic Mickey Mouse being born on a train ride from New York to Los Angeles, to the animated and live action films he produced like Mickey's Steamroller (1934) and The Great Locomotive Chase (1956) to the steam trains that circle rate on the Disney parks around the world, trains played, and continue to play, and important role at the Walt Disney Company.

All aboard explores the wide variety of trains in Disney's history, accompanied by rare photographs from the Walt Disney archives and unseen conceptual art work behind the trains in the movies and theme parks. Never been exclusively trained on this fascinating topic. Fans of Disney history, real history enthusiast, and armchair traveler's and like will be captivated by this museum quality book."
"It’s usually said that it was “all started by a mouse” – but did you know that iconic mouse was invented while on a train ride? Since its inception, The Walt Disney Company has often ridden the rails to tell its stories, whether in a theme park, live-action movie, or animated film. All Aboard explores the wide variety of trains in Disney’s history, accompanied by rare photographs from the Disney Archives and heretofore unseen conceptual artwork behind the trains in the movies and theme parks. Never before has such a comprehensive focus been exclusively trained on this fascinating topic."

This would make an incredible gift for the Holiday Season, get your copy from clicking here (on our affiliate link):

You can also purchase this book at
(Your local library is also a great resource.)

Disclosure: This content contains affiliate links, for which we will be compensated if you purchase the products highlighted at no extra cost. We received a copy of this book for review - thanks Disney Publishing Worldwide. No other compensation was received. Images are are from the book. The opinions on this blog are 100% magical and 100% those of the Disney Sisters only. Thank you for reading our blog! Reading is AWESOME!

Disney's PCH Grill Serves Up Delicious California Cuisine

Experience California Dreamin' with delicious meals that are So-Cal inspired at Disney's PCH Grill located at Disney's Paradise Pier Hotel. No matter where you are staying at Disneyland Resort you can make reservations to enjoy a buffet-style dinner that your family will love.

We recently dined at PCH Grill and loved the relaxed, beachy vibe that comes along with the buffet-style California fare. We often go to Storytellers Cafe while staying at Disney's Grand Californian Hotel and Spa, but we have found that many times it's all booked up. So it's great to have another go-to place to dine that has something for everyone in the family.

For us Southern California girls we grew up having beach bonfires, picnics in the park and backyard barbeques. We really enjoyed the endless summer feel inside the PCH Grill decorated with kites and surfboards. Surf's up!

Delightful Drinks
Party Wave Lemonade
All natural frozen odwalla lemonade with flavors of banana and coconut topped off with Sprite, whipped cream, and garnished with dark chocolate shavings and a sugar-glazed honey-infused baked banana slice. (costs extra)

Beach Peach Citrus Tea
Unsweetened tea with flavors of peach and citrus, and garnished with a mint sprig and a candied orange chip. (costs extra)

Watermelon Lemonade
All0natural Odwalla lemonade flavored with watermelon and garnished with fresh watermelon spheres. (costs extra)

Savory Starters
Start with the build-your-own salad bar, heirloom tomato and cheese salad, potato salad, deviled eggs, vegetable skewers and more!

Main Course
You'll want to head right for the tri-tip carving station, baby back ribs, a variety of pasta, chicken, salmon, fish tacos, sautéed shrimp, steamed clams, seafood saute station, mini taco bar, smashed potatoes and seasonal veggies.

Bites for Kids
These choices are not only for kids, but we wanted to share some of the items that are usually tops on our children's lists like cheeseburger sliders, mini hot dogs, fried chicken, mac and cheese bar and woodfire pizza.

Make sure you save room for dessert! This buffet is full of build-your-own strawberry shortcake station, s'mores bar, brownies, ice cream cones filled with mousse and even a fresh fruit pizza.

It's a wonderful way to spend an evening with family dining on delicious food, drinking festive drinks and soking up the Southern Californian Disney atmosphere. Have you tried the new PCH Grill yet? What was your favorite dish?

Cost is $27.99 for adults, $13.99 ages 3 to 9. Hours are 5:30-9 p.m. nightly. 
For reservations, which are HIGHLY suggested - visit Disneyland.com/dine or call 714-781-DINEDisney’s PCH Grill is closed for lunch. Annual passholder discounts available. Disney Characters do not appear during the dinner buffet. (Only at breakfast time.)

Disclosure: As members of the media, we dined as guests of Disney Parks. No other compensation was receieved. The opinions on this blog are 100% magical and 100% those of the Disney Sisters only. All photos were taken by us, unless otherwise stated. Thank you for reading our blog!

Disney Tsum Tsum Delivered To Your Door with Subscription Service

Disney Introduces Tsum Tsum Collectibles Subscription Service

Since so many of our readers are Tsum Tsum fans (and who isn't) we were excited when we heard the news about Disney Store's newest offerings regarding these adorably collectible, stackable stuffed animals. Introducing: a monthly subscription program! Equally exciting, they are introducing a new size for all to collect! Welcome SMALL to the Tsum Tsum family. Yes we know, take all our money!

Can you imagine getting a new Tsum Tsum duo in the mail every month? Well starting October 9th and available only at Disney Store, the monthly Tsum Tsum subscription service will deliver exclusive Tsums straight to guests’ homes in a stack-tacular parcel. We can't wait to see what it looks like! Each month a package containing one small plush – a brand new Tsum Tsum size! – and one coordinating exclusive mini plush will be delivered. The first release will be of Mickey Mouse and Oswald.

Guests can sign up for the Tsum Tsum subscription starting October 9 for $24.95/month.

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