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We've had so much fun in the last month sharing our Disney Side. From party tips and ideas, to planning our own Disney Side @Home Celebration. It's been all Disney all the time over here! But the best part of this whole experience is being able to share our love for Disney with all of you. Making new Disney friends and reconnecting with our old Disney family - It's been beyond magical. 

Now, there is one more thing we want to do...

With so many people hosting Disney Side Celebrations of their own, we don't want to miss a single post. We want to see every party, every sweet treat, every DIY Photo Booth. We want to watch each video, each Disney dance party, and hear each note sung at your karaoke sing-off. We're betting that no one else wants to miss a moment either.

Let this be a place where you share your joy, share your magic, share your love for Disney. We have a saying here at Disney Sisters: Disney Friends = Disney Family because now we are all bonded by our love for the mouse. YAY!

LINK UP all of your Disney Side Coverage here. From the unveiling of your Disney Side Celebrations Kit to any posts about planning and finally the piece de resistance, your Party post!

Disclosure: We received free products in order to host the Disney Side @Home Celebration. The thoughts and opinions expressed on this blog are 100% magical and 100% those of Disney Sisters only.

Getting Creative with the #DisneySide @ Home Celebrations Kit

We’re getting so excited about our Disney Side Party! We’re still in the planning stages but as soon as the box American Tourister Suitcase arrived filled with Disney delights, we put on our thinking cap—aka our Mickey Ears—and came up with some creative ways to use some of the goodies in the #DisneySide Home Celebrations Kit.

Get Crafty with Cupcake Liners 
Of course you could use cupcake liners for cupcakes but consider some of these other fun, festive options. There are so many cute and creative things you can do with these inexpensive accessories.
  • Cover a strand (or two) of twinkle lights with the cups to create some extra Disney magic for your evening DisneySide party.
  • Use the cups for a sweet, with hint of healthy, snack. Combine nuts, Craisins, marshmallows, M&Ms, etc.
  • Get crafty at (or before) the party and make a bouquet of Disney flowers. All you need besides the cupcake cups are green pipe cleaners.
  • Serve bright colored pop cycles (fruit pops are a great choice) and catch the drips with the Disney d├ęcor.

Game On with Paper cups
The obvious use would be to serve drinks in your cups but how about keep them empty and using them for a game? Get ping pong balls, decorate them and let your young guests toss the balls (or bounce them) into the cups. If a ball lands in a cup that has a Mickey sticker on the bottom, it’s a win. Goofy temporary tattoos are the perfect prize!

DIY Disney Shirts with Hanes T-Shirts 
Crafting is a great way to get kids and adults alike engaged in a party setting. Because some people (us included) are a tad intimidated by a blank canvas, so to speak, offer up a simple Hanes t-shirt station with one sample shirt on display. Lay out different shirts in color and sizes. You can offer guests a number of creative directions that encourage simple DisneySide shirt decorating. If you opt for a craft station, consider using the plastic Disney table cloth to cover your craft table to protect it from paint.

  • Use Disney Cookie Cutter shapes or with fabric paint to decorate the shirts. This is a simple and fun way to have your guests show off their #DisneySide and have a keepsake to take home. When using cookie cutters as stamps you have to use fabric paint so be sure to have a place to lay shirts out to dry. It won’t take long but it might be best to do this craft first so the paint has time to dry during the remainder of the party.

  • Silhouettes colored with Fabric Pens are an easy and adorable way to express your guest’s DisneySide. If you have the silhouettes cut out before the party then guess can just use the fabric pens to trace and color in. The beauty of the pens is that they dry pretty quick so you can wear your shirt for the party! We found 3 free downloadable pdfs from Bryton Taylor. Adorable, right?

DIY Photo Booth with Table Cloth Backdrop
Not only can plastic table cloths be used for a craft work station, you can also hang them up on any wall for a photo booth. It makes the perfect booth backdrop and it is so easy! Get out all the wearable Disney accessories you can find (we’ve got bins full of them) and make them available to your guests. Have them use their own phones to capture the moments, use your own camera and/ or have a camera on a tripod with the timer set so no one has to “man” the booth during the party. If you capture the photos on your own camera, you can also share photo booth highlights from you party on your blog or Facebook! Just ask permission from your guests.

Thank You Notes with HP Photo Card Pack
With the photos you captured in your #DisneySide photo booth, you can create the perfect thank you note. Print out your favorite photos on the paper in the HP Photo Card Packs and mail them off. For artwork to use on the photos you can use the HP app and print right from you mobile device. Easy and adorable! Your guests will love a keepsake photo of them showing off their #DisneySide. 

We can’t wait to hear about all of your ideas and plans for how you’ll be using your kit. Anything you want to share? As per the usual, we’re all ears!

Disclosure: We received free products in order to host the Disney Side @Home Celebration. The thoughts and opinions expressed on this blog are 100% magical and 100% those of Disney Sisters only.

An Epic Love Story for Valentine's Day #BlankandBow

Happy Valentine's Day!
To here more about #BlankandBow click HERE.

You can enjoy Blank: A Vinylmation Love Story for free on Google Play for a limited time only.

How to Create a Disney DIY Photo Booth for Your #DisneySide Party

Did you catch our recent announcement? 
We were selected to host a Disney Side @ Home Celebration! 

But we aren't the only ones! There are so many bloggers from around the country that will be hosting these Disney Side parties during the next few weeks. Make sure to follow the hashtag #DisneySide to follow along on social media.

We wanted to help by making a video on How To Make Your Own DIY Photo Booth. In three easy steps, with Disney-inspired props anyone can add this photo booth to their venue. We highly recommend it for a simple and fun way to capture the memories at your next party.
SPOLIER ALERT: We're total Disney Dorks. (but you knew that already)

Want some more magical ideas of ways to show your Disney Side? 
Check out these videos from some of our Disney friends who have some really good tips!
Want even more videos? Click here for a special collection of videos to share during your Disney Side Celebration that your guests will love! 

Have you ever done a DIY Photo Booth? 
Are you going to try one at your next celebration?

Disclosure: We received free products in order to host the Disney Side @Home Celebration. The opinions expressed here are those of the Disney Sisters only.

We're Hosting a #DisneySide at Home Celebration!

Have you been hearing the phrase "Disney Side" a lot lately? You may or may not be familiar with the Disney Park’s campaign for 2014 called "Disney Side." The way Disney sees it, (and we couldn't agree more) is that everybody has two sides. There’s your normal, everyday side that goes to work, studies for school and goes about life in a pretty regular fashion. But you also have another more wacky, fun side- your Disney Side. That’s the side when you let your Goofy side out. (pun intended) We like to show that side of us as often as possible. (as if you didn't know that already) We have Disney Annual Passes because our playful side comes out most while we are at the Disneyland Resort!

You may have experienced some of these before:
You get that excited, child-like feeling walking through a Disney Park...
Singing in your car at the top of your lungs "Let It Go" from Frozen...
Painting your nails with red and white polka dots to look like Minnie Mouse...

When you can embrace your inner child and let out the Princess or Pirate within you...
That's your Disney Side!

There are many ways to show your Disney Side. Capturing it in photographs or on video is a really good way to remember the magic! We've found many people (and animals) who are proud to let their Disney flag fly free! Check out these posts to get you in the mood:
Disney Pet of the Month Club
Show Us Your Ears
Frozen-Inspired Engagement Rings
Princess Merida Tribute by Fans
Wedding Gowns Inspired By Disney Princesses
Disney MakeUp Looks
Disney Nail Art
Disney Fashion

We will be having our very own Disney Side Party later this month, many more details to come. We were chosen along with somewhere around 1000 other official party hosts and we are so honored! Each host will be receiving a box filled with pixie dusted supplies in order to help throw the most magical party ever! You'll get even more info if you check out the official site Disney Side Celebrations. You'll get so many helpful tips getting started and how to host your own party!

What’s your Disney Side? 
Here's how Disney describes it:
"It’s the side you simply can’t wait to share. It’s the side of you that laughs more, screams more, and just plain lives life to the fullest. It’s the side of you that comes out to play the moment you and your family step through the gates of a Disney theme park."

How do you show your Disney Side?
Don't forget to Share Your Disney Side, by tagging your photos and videos with #DisneySide.

Disclosure: We received free products in order to host the Disney Side @Home Celebration. The opinions expressed here are those of the Disney Sisters only.

Disney-Inspired Drinks: Magical Cocktails with a Disney Twist

Disney inspires all sorts of creative people to make all sorts of creative things. We love searching the internet for awesome new pixie dust that we can share with our readers. In this case it's adult beverages! We were just delighted to come across Cocktails by Cody the other day! He's a magical mixologist from Spokane, WA who has created these amazing Disney-inspired drinks.

We got to interview Cody and ask about his story. Here's what he had to say:

DS: How long have you been a mixologist?
Cody: I was actually the kid that did not have a drink until I turned 21, while working in a restaurant, I realized the bartender was working half as frantically as a server, and making twice as much. So for about... the last year maybe two I've been learning as much as I can to be good at this whole thing.

DS: Are you a big Disney fan?
Cody: Who isn't? As a child my Grandma would babysit me, and she prided herself on her vast Disney movie/merch collection. It's been in my blood ever since

DS: What gave you the idea to do Disney themed Cocktails?
Cody: Disney has always been a pure easy inspiration to pull from, in high school when I found my deep passion and talent for photography, I charged myself with doing photo shoots of my interpretation of the films. I suppose this was just a natural progression, and a safe place for me to build a platform.

DS: How did you come up with each drink?

Cody: It's starts with each characters color palettes, and I think about how I can make alcohol, represent that. And I go from there to see if I can make a flavor profile match up. 

How fun are these Disney themed cocktails? Which one is your favorite?

If you like what you see or you'd like to HIRE HIM make sure to Like Cocktails by Cody on Facebook. Follow him on Instagram! Special thanks to Cody for being so willing to share his magic with us! We LOVE it! We wish you all the best and see a very bright future ahead of you!

Images of Disney Characters © Disney
Images of Drinks © Cocktails by Cody
These items are not affiliated with the Disney brand in any way.

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