Disney Sisters: February 2012

National Pancake Day and a Hidden Mickey

Happy National Pancake Day!

Did you know that today is National Pancake Day? Yes! It is! What did you have for breakfast? Was it pancakes? Check out these Hidden Mickey Pancakes that we made. Fun AND Yummy! Being a family member of the Disney Sisters has it's perks, right? Have you ever made Hidden Mickey Cakes? We'd love to hear about it! 

If you didn't get your pancake fix on yet, there's still time. . . 
Who doesn't love eating breakfast for dinner? They are giving away free pancakes all day long at IHOP! All they are asking for in return is that customers make a donation to Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. What a delicious way to help local children in need!

Lab Rats on Disney XD Interviewed by Disney Sisters

"Lab Rats" 
 On Disney XD will Premiere on 
Monday, February 27 at 8:30pm., ET/PT
"Lab Rats" is a live-action comedy about a teenager and his three super-human siblings.
Photo Courtesy of Disney XD - Eric McCandless
We had the opportunity to visit the set of "Lab Rats" and interview each of the stars of the show. We became fast fans of these kids. The whole cast was welcoming and delightful to interview. We're looking forward to seeing the show and we will be watching on Monday, will you?

Billy Unger stars as Chase, a genius super-human. He is the youngest of three bionic teen siblings. 

Kelli Berglund stars as Bree with super-human lightning speed. Bree is one of three bionic teen siblings.

Spencer Boldman stars as ultra strong super-human Adam, the oldest of three bionic teen siblings.

Tyrel Jackson Williams stars as Leo, who discovers three teen super-humans with bionic powers living in his new home created by his new stepdad, a wealthy inventor and scientist. 

Angel Parker stars as Tasha, Leo's mom, who marries scientist Donald Davenport and welcomes three teen super-humans into the family.

Hal Sparks stars as Davenport, Leo's stepdad, a scientist looking to push the boundaries of technology with the creation of the three teen super-humans.

For more about "Lab Rats" go to DisneyXD.com

(This is an unpaid post.)

Magical Events at Disney Store

Disney Store is a great place to bring your kids for free crafting events. If you have ever attended one then you know what we're talking about. If you didn't even know about them, we are happy to share this magical news.

If you have a Disney Store close to you, we have a special tip that for family fun time. Usually every month or two, your local Disney Store will put on different themed event that ties into the current Holiday or Disney Movie coming out. Often times they are on the weekends or during the evening hours, to accomodate school-aged children. We've been to so many of these awesome events including Tangled AdventureMinnie's MasqueradeMuppet Craftational, and last weekend we went to the Valentine Craft Event

At the Valentine Craft Event we got a chance to make a Disney Valentine Card. The Cast Members did a little how-to demonstration, then they passed out the materials, and the children each got to make their own. The template made it pretty easy for children of all ages to participate. In the end they each had a really cute handmade craft that was a great gift for Mommy, Daddy, Teacher or a special friend. I even made one and so did two of my teenagers. Everyone loves Disney arts and crafts! Thank you to Maria and Ihisha for being so patient and helpful.

In case you haven't noticed Disney Stores are going through big changes. They are getting make-overs one store at a time! Thankfully they have already done my home store. (Since I admittedly visit the Sherman Oaks store at least 2 times a week) With each new re-designed store into the Imagination Park, they are incorporating a new area. It's like a gazebo and underneath it there is a table and chairs perfect for little ones to sit down, color, do crafts or watch the latest Disney Music, Animation and Videos. They even get to pick what scenes they want to view, like their own remote control. There is also a bench for bigger kids or parents, which is really nice when you need a break from shopping at the mall.

Make sure to keep watching the Disney Sisters website and DisneyStore.com for all of the latest In-Store Events! You can also Sign Up to get emails from them. We hear there are going to be a lot of fun filled things happening in March to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Disney Store! We'll see you there!

Puppy Love

"This is the night it's a beautiful night, and we call it Bella Notte. . ."

Love is the most powerful thing there is. No matter if it's the love shared between humans or animals. Love needs no words, just feelings. When it comes to the love between animals, we have our own little Lady and the Tramp in our family. Tracey's two dogs share what could arguably be called one of the greatest love stories of all time. She didn't get the pups together. They both came into her life at different times, but the bond they've created over the past few years is priceless. It's everything any of us could hope for in a true love, and lifelong companion. Meet "Grady and the Scamp" aka Grady and Junie and their obvious affection for one another is the stuff that Disney Animated films are made of. 
We call it Puppy Love.

Speaking of Puppy Love, we recently got our copy of the classic Lady and the Tramp and are falling in love with it all over again. And our kids are too! The animation, story line and songs still hold up for this generation. There's also many added bonuses in this Diamond edition combo pack from Diane Disney Miller called Remembering Dad, which is all about Walt. It's a great addition to our Disney movie collection.

Here is a video of two dogs re-enacting the famous spaghetti scene in Lady and the Tramp. It's pretty charming and we just had to share. 

Disclaimer: We were not paid for this post. We received a copy of the DVD for reviewing purposes only.

UP Valentine's Day Card from Disney Family

Learn how to make this Valentine's Day Card from Disney Family inspired by the movie UP!

Our family loves holidays. We enjoy making a big deal over each special day. We even plan our calendars around them. Christmas, Halloween, Easter, you name it, we love it! The tradition started with our Great-Grandmother and has come on down the line to us girls. Valentine's Day is definitely one of the most festive days of the year. Any chance to celebrate LOVE is fine by us. Plus our mom's Birthday is February 11th, so while growing up the entire month of February was always extra special.

There is an online Disney destination that is a no-brainer for us, to get ideas for arts, crafts, cards & recipes, especially during the holidays. It's called DisneyFamily.Com and if you are not familiar with it, here are some other cute Valentine's Day cards that will make you a fan: Woody's Lasson Valentine,  Lumiere's Flicking Hearts Valentine, Charm-ing Cars Valentine's.

Last year I made my husband a handmade card that I found on Disney Family. We really like the movie UP, and I just fell in love with this craft the second I saw it. Here are the steps to make this adorable Valentine's Day Card inspired by the Disney Pixar Animated film UP. This would also work perfectly as a Birthday card, or Congratulatory card by changing the wording on the inside. Get creative and just have fun with it . . .  I know I sure did!

You will need:
You will need an 8 x 10 cardstock page
Additional piece of paper or cardstock to make the house
Small Heart Stickers around 15 (optional)
Pens, Markers or Crayons to color the house
Black marker for the windows & balloon strings
Glue or Glue Stick

Print out this page of House Cut-Outs / Design your own house template
(I made this craft last year & it is no longer available online, but I have an image of the page, these are from DisneyFamily.com. We did not create it.)
Buy heart stickers, or cut out small heart shapes. (I liked the idea of buying, because it meant less cutting for me) I got these from the Target dollar bin, (these hearts were kind of cool because they had a felt-like feel to them) but any craft store will do.

Cut shapes that will turn into the house. 
We used 6 shapes here, (since we already had the heart shapes for balloons) including: 
House Front, Roof, Dormer, Window Bay, Window Bay Roof, Chimney. 

Color one side of your shapes, any shade you choose. I thought the more colorful the better, and liked painting each shape a different color. But different shades of brown would work too. (they show that in the online example below)

Glue your shapes together to form the UP house. I used a glue stick.

Draw in your windows and the door with a black marker. I also outlined the house, but you can do whatever you think works well.

Then fold a 8x10 piece of cardstock paper longways & glue your house towards the bottom of the card. (make sure to save room for the balloons and the long strings.) We used white, but the example used blue (for sky) which also looked super cute.

Glue down as many heart balloon shapes as you want towards the top of the card. (I think I used 16) Make sure to leave plenty of room to draw in balloon strings. When you have the amount of ballons you are happy with draw in a bunch of ballon strings in black marker from the roof to the bottoms of the balloons, it doesn't have to be exact.

Lastly personalize your card with a little note to your special someone. Any sappy reference to UP, Ellie & Carl, the sky, or flying will do! 
This was my husband's Valentine's Day card last year I put, "You make my heart soar!"

Happy Valentine's Day...

You make our hearts soar!

with love, 
Disney Sisters

Disney Parks Blog Meet-Up / Sharky and Bones Concert

Disney Rocks . . .  Literally!

We recently attended the Disney Parks Blog Meet-Up, and it Rocked! They had a special concert starring the Never Land Pirate Band. Now when you think of a going to a rock concert, Disneyland Resort may not be the first place that comes to mind. But after you see our video of the private performance by Sharky and Bones, you will most definitely change your mind. It was a really fun event  for the entire family filled with pirate games, snacks, drinks, photo opportunities, character meetings and everyone who attended got a goodie bag!

The Disney Parks Blog is the official blog for Disneyland ResortWalt Disney World and Disney Cruise Line. They have multiple posts daily that vary from photography, food, sports, behind-the-scenes as well as all of the latest and greatest from each Park. They have fun giveaways, contests and meet-ups (like this one) where they welcome Disney fans of all ages to participate.

Disney Junior on Disney Channel has helped to give this Pirate Rock Band a Disney house-hold name on their hit show, Jake and the Never Land Pirates. They can be seen and heard on every show, as Sharky and Bones two of Captain Hooks ship mates. What you may not know about them is that they are just 2 regular guys, both dads from Portland, Loren Hoskins (Sharky) and Kevin Hendrickson. (Bones) As well as singing any number of their catchy Pirate Rock tunes at the end of every show. And now you can even meet, greet and take photos with Jake at Disney California Adventure daily in the Hollywood Pictures Backlot area. Do you remember when we interviewed Sharky and Bones at the D23 Expo? That was fun!

Disney Junior on Disney Channel has helped to give this Pirate Rock Band a Disney house-hold name on their hit show, Jake and the Never Land Pirates. They can be seen and heard on every show, as Sharky and Bones two of Captain Hooks ship mates. What you may not know about them is that they are just 2 regular guys, both dads from Portland, Loren Hoskins (Sharky) and Kevin Hendrickson. (Bones) As well as singing any number of their catchy Pirate Rock tunes at the end of every show. And now you can even meet, greet and take photos with Jake at Disney California Adventure daily in the Hollywood Pictures Backlot area. Do you remember when we interviewed Sharky and Bones at the D23 Expo? That was fun!

Just another magical day packed with family, fun and Pirate Rock! If you'd like to have an adventure of your very own, Disneyland Resort is currently offering a deal, that won't cost you all of your Gold Dubloons. For Southern Californian residents only, get a 2-Day Ticket for $99, and pick one park each day you visit. Buy now through June 1, 2012 and learn more about the Special Offer.

Remember Peter Pan Returns to Never Land on Jake and the Never Land Pirates, tonight on Disney Channel.

If you'd like to see 2 new songs and all your favorites from the Never Land Pirate Band performances from the day, go check out our YouTube Page! We have 5 videos... You don't want to miss them!

(Disclosure: This is not a paid post. We attended the Disney Parks Blog Concert and Meet-Up where we jumped and danced around like 6 year old pirate rock groupies.)

Celebrate Valentine's Day at Disney Store

You're Invited to Celebrate Valentine's Day at Disney Store!

Come and create a unique Valentine's Day card for your special someone!

Saturday February 11
10:30 am - 1:00 pm
At your local Disney Store


Peter Pan Returns to Jake and the Never Land Pirates

Beware Captain Hook! The boy who never grew up is coming home! Peter Pan Returns to Neverland, and will be making his debut on, Jake and the Never Land Pirates on Disney Channel February 13.

Disney Sisters attended a star-studded premiere at the Walt Disney Studios Lot last week. They were showing the screening in the famous "Pinocchio Theatre" aka the Walt Disney Studios Main Theatre. Can we just say what a special feeling that comes over you when you walk around the lot? It's amazing to feel all of the history, and to know all of the magic that has been made there over the years. No matter how many times we are lucky enough to visit, it's still just as special as the first time.

Also attending the event was the cast of Jake and the Never Land Pirates. It was fun being able to put a face to the voice of Jake (Colin Ford), Cubby (Jonathan Morgan Heit), Izzy (Madison Pettis), and now Peter Pan (Adam Wylie). We chatted with Madison Pettis (Izzy) before the show, who is such a sweet young lady. We got to chat with our old mate Loren Hoskins aka Sharky of the Pirate Rockers "Sharky and Bones" who provides all of the music for the show. The one person who we really missed was our buddy, David Arquette, voice of Skully the parrot.

Other familiar Disney faces came out to watch the screening too. Some of the stars from the Disney Channel show Jessie were there. As was one of our favorites Leigh-Allyn Baker from Good Luck Charlie with her family. All of the younger kids weren't as impressed as we were by all of the actors, they were most excited to meet Jake himself. 

"Jake and the Never Land Pirates: Peter Pan Returns" is the series' first-ever primetime special and also marks Peter Pan's debut in the series. We won't mention any spoilers on this post, but we will say that your children will love this special. Great music, even more adventure and the rebirth of a life-long rivalry between Peter Pan and Captain Hook! So grab your sword and your best mates, the special will air Monday, February 13 on Disney Channel. Here you can see some of our best mates, Jasmine aka So You Think You Can Mom's pirates stopped to take a photo with Kaia. To read her coverage of the event click here.

Season 2 with all new episodes will debut Monday, February 20 on Disney Junior featuring the voice talents of Sharon Osbourne, Jane Kaczmarek, Josh Duhamel, and Tiffani Thiessen.

Full Disclosure: This is not a paid post. We attended a screening put on by Disney Channel.
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