Disney Sisters: Tangled Event at The Disney Store

Tangled Event at The Disney Store

This weekend we got our Disney fix by attending a SPECIAL EVENT that The Disney Store put on. It was all about Rapunzel, because the new movie Tangled comes out on DVD today! In case you were wondering we pre-ordered our copy and got free lithographs and a bag. Whoo-Hoo!

They had stations set up all over the store, with different activities for the little ones to partake in. They each got a sun flag that would be filled up with stickers after they completed each activity. The first up was coloring a Rapunzel sheet and finding Pascal on a page.

The next area had a whole Tangled Memory Game, that each child got to play. Pick a pair of the characters from the movie, and once they made a match, or two they got another sticker. Kaia just kept picking up different cards & handing them to the worker, who played along beautifully.

The last station had the Wanted sign of Flynn Rider, where the kids got to play soft darts trying to hit him in the nose, and then they received their last sticker. (Looks like they finally got his nose right!)

When they filled their Sunshine Flag up, they then went to the last station, where they were handed a personalized Certificate (see below). The Disney Store worker stood up on a ladder announcing "Ladies and Gentleman please join me in welcoming Princess Kaia into the Royal Tangled Court..." or something of that nature. And then everyone clapped... Yay!

Let me just say how happy my daughter felt at that moment. She had such a look of pride on her face, because she completed all of her tasks and got a reward. Disney knows how to make a kid feel special. She liked it so much in fact, that she wanted to go do all of the steps again. 
And you know what... They let her! 

I'd like to thank all of the Disney Employees at the at the store in Sherman Oaks Westfield Mall.
They were very patient and kind with my daughter and all of the kids, the day was a big hit. It was a lot of fun, we're looking forward to the next one -
Minnie's Masquerade Party on 4/8 & 4/9.

If I may quote Rapunzel on behalf of my daughter, "BEST DAY EVER."

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