Disney Sisters: Disney Cocktails: Elsa and Anna FROZEN Inspired Drinks

Disney Cocktails: Elsa and Anna FROZEN Inspired Drinks

You've seen some of the Disney-Inspired Drinks that we've shared before! They are amazing! We are happy to share these Frozen-Inspired Cocktails from the very talented Cocktails by Cody. This time he has gotten inspiration from the sisters that have the entire world in a Frozen frenzy!
(Editor's note: I am writing this while FROZEN is playing quietly in the background - True Story!)

If you want to hear his story of how he became a mixologist, read the interview HERE. He's a great guy and we wish him much success with his Disney-Inspired Drinks! Right now he is working on a book of his magical liquid creations, we can't wait to see it!

Coldfront: Inspired by Elsa
From Cody, "Would you like to build a snowman? Here is Coldfront, the drink of Elsa. In a combination of icy & sweet, just like her, this drink is a rich and addicting. I added a splash of Malibu to mix better with the coconut flakes that give it that iced over look. I used a high proof peppermint schnapps, so it was plenty strong on its own, but you can easily ditch the Malibu and coconut and add in vanilla vodka for a great drink."

Warmfront: Inspired by Princess Anna
From Cody, "A drink that's warm, energetic, and full of heart, it's the appropriately named 'Warmfront' opposite Elsa's 'Coldfront'. I saw Anna as being the adventurous, spunky, and unfiltered whiskey type. So I took inspiration from her hair color, and came up with using orange spice tea. It's a wonderful combination with the whiskey, and hints of almond from the amaretto."

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