Disney Sisters: Toy Story Easter Eggs

Toy Story Easter Eggs

One of our very favorite Easter Activities to do is Coloring Easter Eggs.
This year I thought we'd try for a Disney Theme. I found this Toy Story 3 box full of stickers, tattoos  and Holders that would make any Woody and Buzz fan egg-cited!
Hey Howdy Hey!
We dyed, and colored, and mixed, and soaked, and dipped those eggs until there was no white left in sight.
Then I broke out the characters from one of her favorite movies. And my daughter was even more into it. She wanted to make one character out of each egg. So we tried to match the colors with each one. Woody, Buzz, Jessie, BullsEye and even Lotso.
You've gotta friend in these cute and festive eggs, just perfect for Easter.
To Egg-Finity and Beyond...


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  2. I love Easter Sundays. . Coloring Easter eggs is just a one of a kind experience.

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