Disney Sisters: Disney Pop! Vinyl Figures give Vinylmations some Competition

Disney Pop! Vinyl Figures give Vinylmations some Competition

If you haven't been to the Disney Store lately, you are missing out on a new collectible item that is giving the popular Vinylmations a run for their money! Introducing POP! Vinyl Figures by Funko. They are TOTALLY adorable with big heads & little bodies. Each affordably priced at $12.50, they have 12 characters that are in this first group of collectibles including these Disney favorites:

1.) Mickey Mouse
2.) Buzz Lightyear
3.) Woody
4.) Sulley
5.) Mike Wazowski
6.) Pinocchio
7.) Jiminy Cricket
8.) Snow White
9.) Maleficent
10.) Tinkerbell
11.) Cruella De Vil
12.) Stitch 

Which ones will you collect? We just bought some for our kids, my older daughter chose Mike Wazowski & my younger daughter picked out Jiminy Cricket. My personal favorite is Snow White. My husband likes Stitch. Which one is your favorite? Do you think Pop! Vinyl Figures will become as popular as Vinylmations? One of the good things about them is that you can see the character that you are buying, so you don't get stuck with one you don't want. Or is that part of the success of Vinylmations, that it's a gamble, and you never know which one you are going to get? Is trading Vinylmations half the fun? What do you think?


  1. I like Tinkerbell, she's so cute!

  2. I have to have these! I can't choose just one so I'll b buying them all...lol Price is nice as well =)

  3. I like vinylmations much better. These kind of weird me out but the stitch one is kind of cute!

  4. i jut got lotso yesterday and im getting the firt series for my birthday


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