Disney Sisters: Pirates and More Pirates Arr!

Pirates and More Pirates Arr!

We are celebrating PIRATES all week long at Disney Sisters... Yo-Ho!
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For Immediate Release:

Swashbuckling in on October 18, 2011 the latest Pirates movie hits the stores.
PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: ON STRANGER TIDES where they set off on an Epic Quest to find the Fountain of Youth.

We've been asked to share with you this cool tutorial of PIRATE-SPEAK from Disney
So Clear the Deck, Stay the Course and gather around with all of your Best Mates! Yar! It's like a Dictionary of Terms that all of the Pirates know, Shiver Me Timbers!
PS: Who knew that SWAG was a Pirate term?

Find out more info on all things PIRATES on these official Disney sites:

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