Disney Sisters: To Disney Infinity and Beyond: The Big Game Reveal

To Disney Infinity and Beyond: The Big Game Reveal

What happens when you pair up Disney collectible figurines with a video game and add in your imagination? Disney Infinity happens, that's what. It's the latest interactive gaming platform from Disney and it's creating quite a buzz in the gaming community.

Yesterday we attended the Disney Infinity Press Release Event with the three Johns. LOL. John Lasseter along with two other VIPs, John Pleasants, Co-President of Disney Interactive and John Blackburn, the Studio Vice President and General Manager of Avalanche Software, announced the newest game from Disney Interactive to the media. Disney Infinity will be available on all platforms from Xbox 360 to PS3 to WiiU and is Multi-player with two different "Play Modes" to the game:

Play Sets
Explore new adventures with your favorite characters inside of their worlds.
  • Sail the High Seas in Pirates of the Caribbean, where you can design your own ship and pick your crew mates.
  • Go To Monster College in Monsters University where you can play with your favorite Monsters, Mike Wazowsi and Sulley as they "battle" their cross town rival school.
  • Become "Incredible" and save Metroville from being destroyed by Syndrome and other Super Villians.

Toy Box
Pick all your favorite characters and tell your own story in a mash-up Disney/Pixar world that you build and create.
  • Endless ways to play, with endless possibilities.
  • Mix characters, create your own worlds and experience unlimited play. 
  • No rules, just you and your own virtual world.

How It Works:
Three character figures Sulley, Mr. Incredible and Captain Jack Sparrow come in the "Starter Pack" which also includes an Infinity base, interactive/landmark piece and power tokens/discs. Each piece works together to bring both Disney and Pixar fans a unique experience. But this game is not just for gamers. They are introducing out a lot of different elements for collectors including the figures and tokens. With the success of vinylmations we're sure that these will be the "next big thing" flying off of the shelves. How much does Disney Infinity cost? Retail $74.99

Sitting in the legendary El Capitan Theater we were completely blown away, and are still trying to gather our thoughts about all of the concepts and infinite possibilities of Disney Infinity. (It was A LOT to take in!)  Over the next few months leading up to the launch in June we will be covering much more on Disney Infinity, including video coverage and interviews from the event COMING SOON!!!!

Now you tell us... Are You "IN"?

Disclaimer: We were invited to the Big Reveal Event at the El Capitan Theater as members of the press. All thoughts are 100% Magical and 100% those of the Disney Sisters only.


  1. wow!!! these games are my favourite games i usually play them in childhood with my frnds..

  2. I'm totally "IN"!! I can't wait to play!


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