Disney Sisters: Disneynature BEARS Movie - Why You Should Take Your Family To See It #MeetTheCubs

Disneynature BEARS Movie - Why You Should Take Your Family To See It #MeetTheCubs

We had a really special experience at this year's Disney Social Media Moms Celebration. On Saturday morning we were treated (along with our families) to a private screening of Disneynature's Bears. It opened with a personal message to the Social Media Moms from Olivia Holt, who sings the movie's theme song, Carry On. This song is beautiful with a positive message, we haven't been able to get it out of our heads. We encourage you to 'Learn the Lyrics.' It will definitely make your heart sing.

The same people who made Chimpanzee, African Cats, Wings of Life, Oceans, and The Crimson Wing are at it again. This Friday, be inspired by Bears the newest film from Disneynature. Take your family to meet this furry family. You will instantly fall in love with Sky and her two cubs, Amber and Scout - we sure did! It follows them from the time they are born throughout the first year of their life. Inspired by a true life adventure and narrated by John C. Reilly aka Mr. Wreck It Ralph.

This is the story of what it takes to be a parent, a mother, a protector in the great outdoors. The struggle is real when you are a single mom - especially in the Alaskan Wilderness. We just kept thinking - and we think mothering as humans is hard! These bears lives seem like one struggle after the next. To quote Olivia Holt's song, "We will travel this life well-worn, no matter the cost, no matter how long. We will leave our footprints behind, and carry on..." This movie is incredibly touching and funny, and was really enjoyable for all of us. Everyone from the 6 year old, to our teenagers, to our husbands really liked the film. Without saying any spoilers, let's just say that it is appropriate for all ages. Bears is rated G.

Help Save Our National Parks & Wildlife
If you see Bears opening week (April 18-April 24, 2014) and Disneynature will make a donation to the National Park Foundation through the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund to protect wildlife and wild places.

Disneynature Explore App
Download the free app, Disneynature Explore. See how you can win the nature vs screen time debate with this new App from Disneynature.

Disneynature Monkey Kingdom
Before the movie started, we saw a preview for a Disneynature movie that will be coming out next year called, Monkey Kingdom. This film will be swinging into theaters on Earth Day 2015, so make sure you keep an eye out for it.

Disneynature Bears Sweepstakes
Adventures By Disney is giving your family the chance to take your own incredible journey through Wyoming’s great “wide open,” including Yellowstone National Park! Discover more about the 7 Day/6 Night vacation and enter for your chance to win by clicking HERE.

Photo Credit(s): photos in top collage, courtesy of Josh Hallett @hyku.

Full Disclosure: We were invited to the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration. The Disneyland Resort offered a discounted rate for all attendees and their families. This is a once in a lifetime experience and we are grateful to Disney for allowing us to participate. We'll be sharing unique things seen and heard throughout the Celebration. Please keep in mind these our own personal thoughts and opinions, not those of the Walt Disney Company. We also saw a special advanced screening of Disneynature's Bears.

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