Disney Sisters: Disney Villains Perfume: Evil in a Bottle

Disney Villains Perfume: Evil in a Bottle

Disney Villains Perfume
In honor of Halloween next month, we'll be featuring a lot more Disney Villain-inspired things, starting today with these incredible Disney Villain inspired Perfume bottles. Can you imagine which aroma would be eau de Maleficent? What do you think a Captain Hook cologne would smell like? Unfortunately we won't be finding out any time soon, as these bottles are just a work of art and not the real thing. Artist Ruby Spark created them and we are just in awe of her talent! Which one is your favorite? It's hard to choose just one.


  1. This might be my most favorite ever, just because of all the memories I have! Disney perfume is a simple, sweet smell. Any-man can use best cologne for men with different fragrances.

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