Disney Sisters: Disney Books: Our Top 10 Picks for Summer Reading

Disney Books: Our Top 10 Picks for Summer Reading

Summer is not over yet and we are still enjoying our long days of frolicing in the sun. But for our young scholars it's important to exercise the mind (and body) during the three month break from school. Reading for 20 minutes a day helps to keep those minds sharp, helping to improve their academic achievement levels during the school year. It's also nice to spend the quality time with your children curled up next to a good book in the cool air conditioned home. This summer we've actually been taking the books with us to a day at the pool, and after they eat lunch give them the 20 minute break (to rest their stomachs) on a shady beach chair with a book. The time will fly by. To set a positive example they have to see us taking time out of our busy summer schedules to read. We know how challenging it can be, but the rewards are worth it. 

Watching their favorite characters on the Disney Channel or Disney Junior is definitely something that our kids like to do, and reading about them is something that us parents can really support! Disney is helping to create readers with a lifetime love of books with their latest and greatest titles for all ages. To encourage our kids to read we often choose Disney Books, and here are some of the current titles on our bookshelves at home.

Our Top 10 Picks for Summer Reading

1. Teen Beach 2
(Ages 9-12 / Paperbackd / 128 pages)
The fun-filled junior novel  based on the awesome Disney Channel Original Movie, Teen Beach 2! After a crazy summer where they were transported into the classic 1960s beach movie Wet Side Story, Mack and her boyfriend Brady are back home and ready for the new school year. But on the first day of school, their relationship hits a rough patch… and even worse, the kids from Wet Side Story have time-traveled to present day. Mack and Brady have to convince them to go back, or else risk getting zapped out of existence! Features an 8-page color photo insert!

2. Girl Meets World: Follow Your Heart
(Ages 9-12 / Paperback, Chapter Book / 123 pages)
When Riley is forced to give up her cell phone and talk face-to-face with her crush Lucas, will she connect or will she shut down? Then, when another girl tries to get Lucas’s attention, can Maya help her best friend win back her guy?

3. Frozen 5 Minute Stories
(Ages 6-8 / Hardcover / 192 pages)
Join Anna and Elsa as they discover a mysterious mountain monster, have a royal sleepover, babysit the trolls, and more! With 12 Frozen stories that can each be read in 5 minutes, this padded storybook is the perfect fit for bedtime, storytime, or anytime!

4. Doc McStuffins: A Dragon's Best Friend
(Ages 3-5 / Board book / 40 pages)
During a game of hide-and-seek, Stuffy finds an adorable rollie toy named Squibbles. Squibbles follows Stuffy everywhere -around the park, in the clinic, and, worst of all, in all of Stuffy’s awesome hiding places! Everyone thinks Squibbles is adorable, but Stuffy thinks the little fuzzball is a huge pest! It’s up to Doc and Stuffy to find Squibble’s owner, but after spending time with the fun little toy, will Stuffy be able to give him up? Join Doc and her toys in their adventures in this special hardcover storybook with colorful illustrations.

5. Miles from Tomorrowland: Who Stole the Stellosphere?
(Ages 3-5 / Paperback / 32 pages)
Ready, Set, Blast Off! When Miles Callisto and Merc are unknowingly kidnapped on the Stellosphere, they must find a way to thwart the villainous Gadfly Garnett and return the Stellosphere to safety in this super-stellar Level 1 Reader!

6. Sheriff Callie's Wild West: Callie Asks for Help
(Ages 3-5 / Paperback / 32 pages)
Leapin’ Lassos! Helping others is what Sheriff Callie does best! But when she tries to help too many townsfolk at once, she and Sparky end up stuck at the bottom of a deep canyon. Who will come to Sheriff Callie’s rescue in this rootin’ tootin’ Level Pre-1 Reader?

7. Henry Hugglemonster: The Huggleball Game
(Ages 3-5 / Paperback / 32 pages)
Go Hugglemonsters! In this roarsome Level Pre-1 reader, Henry and his friends challenge the grown-up Hugglemonsters to a game of Huggleball. When Henry and Summer are named co-captains, they must find a way to work as a team!

8. Captain Jake and the Never Land Pirates: The Great Never Sea Conquest
(Ages 3-5 / Board book / 24 pages)
When an evil Mer-witch named Ezmeralda is released from an underwater prison, she sets out to take over the Never Sea by awakening the legendary giant, three-headed serpent, the Strake! Jake forms a team of the greatest captains of the Never Sea to battle the powerful Ezmeralda and the terrifying Strake. 

9. Doc McStuffins: Bella's Big Break / Awesome Guy to the Rescue
(Ages 3-5 / Board book / 48 pages)
It’s a busy day at Doc’s clinic! First, kids can read “Righty on Lefty” and help Doc figure out why Awesome Guy isn’t feeling so awesome. Then, flip the book over and read how Doc helps Bella Ballerina when she falls and breaks her leg. This “double feature” also includes two sheets of colorful stickers for even more Doc McStuffins fun!

10. Miles from Tomorrowland: Mighty Merc
(Ages 3-5 / Paperback / 24 pages)
Miles’s pet bionic ostrich, Merc, worries that his place in the Callisto family is threatened when the Tomorrowland Transit Authority asks the family to try out a new, more efficient robot named Axel.

Enjoy the rest of your summer!

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Disclosure: We received copies of the books listed above for review - thanks Disney Publishing Worldwide. No other compensation was received. The opinions on this blog are 100% magical and 100% those of the Disney Sisters only. Thank you for reading our blog! Reading is AWESOME!

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