Disney Sisters: Season of the Force: Ultimate Guide to Star Wars at Disneyland

Season of the Force: Ultimate Guide to Star Wars at Disneyland

Season of the Force is at Disneyland Park and everyone is invited...

Are you beyond excited to experience the upcoming Star Wars-themed land coming to Disneyland Park?

Does blasting into the depths of Hyperspace sound like fun to you?

Are you ready to battle Darth Vader with a lightsaber?

Is taking a selfie with Chewbacca the ultimate shot for your Instagram account?

Does your child desire to be trained in the ways of a Jedi?

Then it sounds like you are ready for... Season of the Force!

Star Wars geekery is at an all-time high at Disneyland Resort. Enter into a galaxy far, far away at Disneyland Park in Tomorrowland where Star Wars has taken over in the most excellent way. With Star Wars: the Force Awakens film in theaters just being named highest grossing domestic film of all time, it seems that the whole world is buzzing about all things Star Wars. Come celebrate an epic experience in addition to the Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration, Season of the Force shines with new and enhanced attractions, entertainment, and dining options! 

Some of the things you don't want to miss are:

Hyperspace Mountain
Climb aboard your favorite rollercoaster in outerspace as it has been transformed from Space Mountain to Hyperspace Mountain. Guests will find themselves flying right through an intense battle between Imperial TIE Fighters and Rebel X-wings. The sights, the sounds, and the stars came together in alliance for this exhilarating attraction just perfect for the thrill-seeking Star Wars fan!

Star Wars: Path of a Jedi
Make sure to catch this show at the Tomorrowland Theater, a 10 minute retelling of Luke Skywalker's heroic story featuring your favorite moments from all of the Star Wars episodes. Viewers will also get a look into the future of the galaxy with scenes from Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the perfect place to get off your feet and relax for a bit during an exciting (but exhausting) day at the Park.

Star Wars Launch Bay
Character encounters, special exhibits, costumes, merchandise, movie memorabilia and more! This cool new interactive exhibit is the place to come and get your fill of all things Star Wars. We seriously could have spent almost all day in there. Be prepared to have the Force awaken inside you once you step into the Star Wars Launch Bay and walk past those famous words, "A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away..."

Disney Infinity 3.0: Star Wars
Here's your chance to play the latest version of the latest Disney Infinity video game! Disney Infinity 3.0 has landed in Disneyland and it's set-up inside Star Wars Launch Bay with all of your favorite Star Wars characters. You can join forces with other guests to experience Star Wars stories and worlds from various episodes. Galactic gamers of all ages welcome.

Jedi Training - Trials of the Temple
Now recruiting eager younglings to train in the ways of a Jedi. An interactive 'show' reimagined with a new villain where your very own novice knight will learn to use the Force in order to defeat the Dark Side with their lightsabers (lightsabers & robes provided.) Elite Jedi between ages 4 to 12 are welcome to train, each child must be registered next to the Star Wars Launch Bay. (First-come first-served basis.)

Star Tours - The Adventure Continues
It's time for a galactic adventure inspired by Star Wars: The Force Awakens. As you board into the 'cock-pit' of a Starspeeder 1000, you will find yourself completely immersed in the latest Star Wars saga. Thanks to the multiple story combinations/worlds you may never have the same flight-simulated adventure twice. May the Force be with you as you travel on this unforgettable attraction of epic proportion!

Be on the lookout for Stormtroopers as they march around Tomorrowland trying to recruit new guests to the Dark Side. If you're quick enough with your camera, you may even get them to take a Stormtrooper Selfie - Classic!

The Food
Star Wars-themed menu items have landed at Galactic Grill and Redd Rockett's Pizza Port including drinks, desert and main courses! You can dine on food that is out-of-this-world where you will choose your meal from the Dark Side or the Light Side of the menu. Either way, it's going to be delicious. Start out with The Fields of Naboo Salad, and add a Cheese-3PO Burger or Jawa-Turkey Sand-wich for some power protein to get you through the day. Finish your meal with the perfect dessert pairing like Darth by Chocolate, The Pastry Menace, or Chewbacca Cheesecake. May the Feast be with you!

The Merchandise
These are the souvenirs that you've been looking for. BB-8 sipper cups, TIE fighter popcorn buckets, build-your-own lightsaber, create a droid action figure, Death Star balloons, a Darth Vader costume for $4,000, and much more! You will find the perfect Star Wars memorabilia to add to your collection in the Star Trader, Star Wars Launch Bay and other shops throughout Tomorrowland.

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