Disney Sisters: Pirates of the Caribbean and a Mermaid Obsession

Pirates of the Caribbean and a Mermaid Obsession

Everyone's favorite Pirate, Captain Jack Sparrow returns - plus Mermaids! Still funny, still charming, still gorgeous to look at (Johnny Depp & the landscape) and still full of Adventure! This time there a few new characters, and they are on a quest to find the fountain of youth.

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One of the Disney Sisters has a slight obsession with Mermaids, and loves how they were incorporated in the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie.
Can you guess which one of us it is?

She loves Ariel, The Little Mermaid and all of her sisters. 
She wants to live in the Mermaid Lagoon. 
She thinks the mermaids in Peter Pan are just divine. 
She used to play mermaids with her friend as a little girl. 
She got really good at swimming in pools with her feet together. 
She even had a mermaid name too. 
They used to use their birth stone as their mermaid names, so her name was Diamond. 
Her best friend's name was Aqua Marine.

The mystery mermaid lover is... Jessica aka Diamond.

Here is some History & Myths about these Sirens of the Seas, provided by Disney:

These creatures dwell deep in the depths of the murky oceans. When surfaced above water, they look like beautiful women from the waist up, but below the surface, they’ve long, scale-covered tales.

Mermaids are generally considered vain creatures who spend their time combing their hair. 

 The siren voices of mermaids are so unearthly many believe they can drive men to madness. Often perched on rocky islands, Mermaids sing their alluring songs in haunting harmonies to lead sailors to treacherous waters – or drive them to their doom. 

 Some tell tales of mermaids saving sailors from drowning.

 In early accounts of the travel logs from the ship of the legendary pirate Blackbeard, his crews were ordered to steer away from “enchanted” waters, fearing mermaids or Merfolk.

Half fish, half human water spirits, or mermaid stories are found around the world – Each creature is different in appearance, but they have odd similarities:

o   Mami Wata – a powerful African water spirit, often portrayed as a mermaid.  She brings good luck and heals the sick, but she does have a temper and can cause confusion or will drown others who don’t obey her.

o   Lasirèn – This water spirit from the Caribbean Island caries a mirror and comb to groom and admire her long straight hair.  Her underwater world is called “the back of the mirror” as her mirror symbolized the boundary between the two worlds.

o   Sedna – a mermaid figure from the Arctic regions of Canada and Greenland, she is said to have been tossed overboard by her father into a stormy sea.  Half fish, half woman, she survived to create seals, walruses and whales – the animals that the Inuit people of this regions rely on for food and materials.

o   Yawkyawk – Australia’s Aboriginal mermaids, these young girls with fish tails were ancient spirits who made the islands and animals.  Their long hair resembles sea weed and it’s believed they can fly around like dragonflies and grow legs at night to walk on land.  They live in the sacred water holes of the land which are said to have the power to give life – so much so that going near a Yawkyawk’s sacred water hole can make a woman pregnant.  If angered, they can bring on storms.

o   The Lorelei – In Germany, she is a mermaid creature whose siren song warns sailors of the rocky depths of the most treacherous part of the legendary Rhine River.  The site of many shipwrecks along this main European waterway, her name is literally from the translation – murmuring rocks.

For a slideshow of some more Mermaid Concept Artwork from 
The Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides CLICK HERE.

Full Disclosure: We were not paid for this post. We were given a DVD to help facilitate a review.

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