Disney Sisters: Mirror Mirror Review - A Snow White Story

Mirror Mirror Review - A Snow White Story

Reflections on "Mirror Mirror"

On an early Saturday morning a few weeks ago, my sisters and our families made our way through the typical So Cal traffic and not-so-typical pouring rain to the Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood to see the eagerly anticipated new Relativity Media film "Mirror Mirror".  Although it was an early call for a Saturday morning, we were up for the adventure! It was after all, our first time ever being invited to a Red Carpet Premiere and we weren’t going to let a little weather put a damper on things. The whole way there I kept wondering what happens to the Red Carpet when it rains. We came to find out, like everything else, it gets wet.  But, the plus side? When life gives you rain, you can also find some sunshine. For example, sharing your umbrella with those who forgot one, like let’s say, Gilles Marini’s family.  Yes, yes I did.

Speaking of silver linings, the day continued on with pretty princesses, child star introductions and an utterly fantastic party; all just jewels on the crown of the movie "Mirror Mirror". Of course, the entire event from beginning to end was an exceptional experience but even with all the glitz and glamour aside, the movie itself was extraordinary!

A fun, funny, and fantastical family film, "Mirror Mirror" was impeccably cast (I seriously have a huge crush on Lily Collins now and of course Julia Roberts was her ever-awesome self), cleverly written and beautifully filmed.  If the costumes aren’t enough to blow your mind (giving Marie Antoinette a run for her money) the landscapes will be. The panoramic shots of the castle were totally breathtaking.  Being a photographer, I am always impressed with rich visuals. "Mirror Mirror" was a true feast for the eyes! 

As for the story? Beyond the fairy tale theme which no matter what they say, never gets old, I loved the more modern messages woven throughout that suggest it’s time to rewrite the story. One of my favorite lines being the one that Snow White herself delivers, “I’ve heard so many stories where the prince saves the princess, it’s time we change that ending.”  I kid you not, the whole audience cheered. Being a mother of daughters…I loved that!

The Snow White in "Mirror Mirror" is beautiful and kind, sweet and enchanting but she also had a lot of fire in her.  She’s brave, bold, clever, cunning, smart, stubborn, tenacious and tough.  Oh, and she can sing and dance too. Do not leave before the credits roll or you’ll miss the charmingly infectious song and endearing video, I Believe in Love performed of course, by Lily Collins, Snow White herself. I doubt you’ll exit the theater without being smitten!

The Queen was wickedly funny and surprisingly endearing considering she’s, well, Evil. Of course, she horribly cruel and completely self-centered but the character was written and and delivered with such lighthearted sarcasm and wit, that you kind of can’t help but love her…in an “I hate her” kind of way.  Julia Roberts was perfect for this roll.

As a side-note, it happened to be Lily Collins' aka Snow White’s birthday the weekend of the premiere. Check out how surprised she is when they wheel her out a huge birthday cake in the shape of a giant red apple in the video we took below. 

"Mirror Mirror" is a perfect way to share some theater time with your family. With only a few more darker potentially scary parts (closer to the end, as to be expected) this movie is well-suited for almost all ages and from what I could gather from the energy that buzzed around the party that followed, the children and the grown-ups alike loved it! I know we did.
If you want to get into the Snow White spirit with your kids, check out these fun "Mirror Mirror" inspired crafts from Make and Takes. There’s a mirror and a crown craft you can do with your kids. 
Such clever ideas!

We’ll be eager to hear how you like the movie "Mirror Mirror". Leave your comments here and tell us your favorite parts!

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  1. Thanks Tracey for capturing all the excitement and adventure of our Enchanting Red Carpet Premiere of Mirror Mirror! Truly an unforgettable day in every way!


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