Disney Sisters: Disney-Inspired Drinks: Magical Cocktails with a Disney Twist

Disney-Inspired Drinks: Magical Cocktails with a Disney Twist

Disney inspires all sorts of creative people to make all sorts of creative things. We love searching the internet for awesome new pixie dust that we can share with our readers. In this case it's adult beverages! We were just delighted to come across Cocktails by Cody the other day! He's a magical mixologist from Spokane, WA who has created these amazing Disney-inspired drinks.

We got to interview Cody and ask about his story. Here's what he had to say:

DS: How long have you been a mixologist?
Cody: I was actually the kid that did not have a drink until I turned 21, while working in a restaurant, I realized the bartender was working half as frantically as a server, and making twice as much. So for about... the last year maybe two I've been learning as much as I can to be good at this whole thing.

DS: Are you a big Disney fan?
Cody: Who isn't? As a child my Grandma would babysit me, and she prided herself on her vast Disney movie/merch collection. It's been in my blood ever since

DS: What gave you the idea to do Disney themed Cocktails?
Cody: Disney has always been a pure easy inspiration to pull from, in high school when I found my deep passion and talent for photography, I charged myself with doing photo shoots of my interpretation of the films. I suppose this was just a natural progression, and a safe place for me to build a platform.

DS: How did you come up with each drink?

Cody: It's starts with each characters color palettes, and I think about how I can make alcohol, represent that. And I go from there to see if I can make a flavor profile match up. 

How fun are these Disney themed cocktails? Which one is your favorite?

If you like what you see or you'd like to HIRE HIM make sure to Like Cocktails by Cody on Facebook. Follow him on Instagram! Special thanks to Cody for being so willing to share his magic with us! We LOVE it! We wish you all the best and see a very bright future ahead of you!

Images of Disney Characters © Disney
Images of Drinks © Cocktails by Cody
These items are not affiliated with the Disney brand in any way.

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