Disney Sisters: Disney Pumpkins: More #HalloweenTime Magic at the Disneyland Resort

Disney Pumpkins: More #HalloweenTime Magic at the Disneyland Resort

One of the coolest parts about visiting the Disneyland Resort during Halloween Time is all of the pumpkins that you see throughout the parks. Whether your favorite are the ones at the Partners Statue, the huge one on Main Street or the real pumpkins carved by hand, you're sure to be seeing a lot of orange at Disney during September and October.

Make sure and visit the Halloween Carnival at Big Thunder Ranch to stop by and see the Incredible Pumpkin Carvers, and ask them how they do it! We took pictures of some of our favorite pumpkins. You will really be amazed by these Disney-Inspired designs... But then again THIS is how Disney does pumpkin carving. What else did we expect?

The Incredible Pumpkin Carvers are 

MICKEY MOUSE 'Hello Folks'


BOO "Monster's Inc."

 CRUELLA DE VIL "101 Dalmations"

 Mickey Mouse w/ Pumpkin Ears

DONALD DUCK 'Trick or Treating'

 ELSA " Frozen"

GASTON "Beauty and the Beast" 

JESSIE "Toy Story 2 & 3"

ARIEL "The Little Mermaid"

MARIE "The Aristocats"

DUG "Up"

MERIDA "Brave"



JESSICA RABBIT "Who Framed Roger Rabbit"

Halloween Time at the Disneyland Resort is from September 12 to October 31, 2014.

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  1. Wow it is the fabulous art work on Pumpkin Carvers. All images are pretty good especially the Mickey mouse, Donald duck, Alsa, Ariel and princess jasmine. According to me the Disney world is a real magical land. When you enter in it you lost in the beauty of this place. You have no memories left of the outer world. I love this place very much. It is not only the dream land of the kids but also the elders. My friend is going there next week there with her family but I cannot go there because now I am enjoying the tours to niagara falls.


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