Disney Sisters: 13 Fun Things To Do with Dad at Disneyland

13 Fun Things To Do with Dad at Disneyland

Give your Dad the most magical Father's Day yet, by taking him to the Happiest Place on Earth. Typically, when Dads head to the Disneyland Resort they most likely don't get to do their favorite things very often, (or ever.) They are busy making sure that the rest of the family is having a great time! On your next trip, why not surprise him with a list that is filled with all of HIS favorite things to do at Disneyland? He will never be expecting that! A day all for for Dad at Disneyland, the perfect way to thank him for everything he does for you all year.

If the Dads in your life are like our Dad and our husbands, then they probably have a lot of things in common. They want an adventure, a cold drink, no lines, good eats, and exciting rides! Well, we can't do anything about the crowds, but we can help you out with this Father's Day Guide to Disneyland. Dads like thrill rides! Dads like outer space! Dads like cars! Dads like BBQ! Dads like Star Wars! Dads like sweet snacks! So we made this list sure to make your Dad's eyes light up like a kid again on your visit to Disneyland celebrating the most important man in your life.

1. Magic Shop on Main Street
This special store on Main Street U.S.A. will bring back fond memories of childhood. He may even want a souvenir. Say Abracadabra!

2. Star Tours - The Adventure Continues
Take your Dad to a galaxy far, far away. He'll be proud to say, "I Am Your Father."

3. Space Mountain
Show your Dad he's out of this world with a ride on this speeding rocket!

4. Autopia
Let Dad ride shotgun while the kids drive him around on Autopia.

5. Big Thunder Ranch BBQ
Grab a bite with Dad at this classic hoedown all-you-can-eat BBQ spot.

6. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
Take Dad on the "Wildest ride in the wilderness!" Make sure to hang on to yer hats!

7. Frontierland Shootin' Exposition
This is a rite of passage for Dads and their cowboys and cowgirls. Put in a quarter & aim for the targets.

8. Indiana Jones
Danger awaits you and your dad while you hop into a jeep and head straight for adventure.

9. Matterhorn Bobsleds
Don't worry, Dad will protect you from the new scarier Yeti on this high-speed run down the Mountain.

10. Funnel Cake
Time for dessert! This snack is sure to please any Dad and give him the energy to get through the Park.

11. Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters
Challenge your Dad to a blast-off where you're sure to travel to Infinity and Beyond! See who can get the highscore, and defeat the 'Evil Emperor Zurg.'

12. Fantasmic!
End your night arm in arm with Dad while you watch Mickey become the hero in this spectacular nighttime show!

13. Starbucks
Make sure that Dad gets a little caffeine for the long drive home. Hit up the Starbucks on the way out.

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All photos belong to us, except the Indiana Jones image, which is courtesy of Disneyland Resort. Note to self, take a picture of the Indiana Jones ride next time we're at Disneyland. Thanks for reading our blog!

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