Disney Sisters: We Love Disney: A Magical, Musical Journey #WeLoveDisney

We Love Disney: A Magical, Musical Journey #WeLoveDisney

We Love Disney music don't you?
Everyone that we know has a favorite Disney song. Just ask yourself. The hardest part about the question is trying to figure out which one song is actually your favorite. Hasn't evenyone at one time or another been touched by a song while watching a Disney movie. All the feelings. All the emotions.

Growing up Disney fans, Disney music has played a big part in our lives so when we heard about the Disney soundtrack coming out, we jumped at the chance to get our copy! "We Love Disney" is all about the old classics paired with contemporary artists who put their own twist and sprinkle their own pixie dust on the tracks. Tale as old as time, tune as old as song...  Ariana Grande, Rascal Flatts, Gwen Stefani, Fall Out Boy, this record has so many big names. Sounds of our youth remixed by the artists of today is going to keep the "We Love Disney" album in heavy rotation around our house.

Here's the tracks on this album filled with Disney magic:
1. “Friend Like Me” (from Aladdin) – Ne-Yo
2. “Part of Your World” (from The Little Mermaid) – Jessie J
3. “Can You Feel the Love Tonight / Nants’ Ingonyama” (from The Lion King) – Jason Derulo
4. “The Rainbow Connection” (from The Muppet Movie) – Gwen Stefani
5. “Zero to Hero” (from Hercules) – Ariana Grande
6. “In a World of My Own / Very Good Advice” (from Alice in Wonderland) – Jhen√© Aiko
7. “I Wan’na Be Like You (The Monkey Song)” (from The Jungle Book) – Fall Out Boy
8. “Colors of the Wind” (from Pocahontas) – Tori Kelly
9. “Spoonful of Sugar” (from Mary Poppins) – Kacey Musgraves
10. “Ev’rybody Wants to Be a Cat” (from The Aristocats) – Charles Perry
11. “A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes” (from Cinderella) – Jessie Ware
12. “Let It Go” (from Frozen) – Rascal Flatts & Lucy Hale
13. “It’s a Small World” – We Love Disney Artists
14. “It’s Not Easy Being Green” (from The Muppet Show) – Brenna Whitaker
15. “A Whole New World” (from Aladdin) – Yuna

"We Love Disney Music" has pop, rock, country and R&B sure to capture the ear (and heart) of many. Verve Records and Walt Disney Records brought together 12 completely different artists to create a stellar mix of sounds and styles. For the jazz lover, Ne-Yo's version of "Friend Like Me" is so catchy. For those who are into country music, a new country take on Frozen mega-hit "Let It Go" by Rascal Flast and Lucy Hale is unlike any version you've ever heard before. A variety of artists collaborated on "It's a Small World" that will have you singing this classic all day long. Of course will always love the classics but that doesn't mean there isn't enough room on our playlist to include these new versions of Disney songs.

Our current favorite tracks from this album are...
A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes
Colors of the Wind
Let It Go
It's a Small World
...but we really like all of them!

With the holidays coming up "We Love Disney Music" is the perfect gift to get the Disney-phile in your life or any music lover who appreciates good music. You can download it on iTunes or buy your copy on Amazon starting on October 30, 2015 and go on one magical, musical journey.

Disclosure: We participated in the We Love Disney album review program as a member of One2One Network. I was provided an album to review but all opinions are our own.

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