Disney Sisters: DISNEYLAND at the Holidays

DISNEYLAND at the Holidays

There is nothing more magical then HOLIDAYS time at DISNEYLAND. We have made a family tradition of visiting Disneyland every year during CHRISTMAS. My sisters & I bring our families together and celebrate at the Resort. We can't wait to see how they have decorated the place, the new things they've added. There are always some favorites that stay the same, like how the Haunted Mansion becomes Haunted Mansion Holiday with Jack Skellington. But they also change things up a bit, like how Sleeping Beauty's Castle is decorated. And the best part is the Believe in Holiday Magic Fireworks Show that ends with an emotional rendition of the song of White Christmas and "Snow" Falling all down Main Street.

They really have so much to offer this time of year that it's hard to do and see it all in one day. There is also plenty of festive things going on over at CALIFORNIA ADVENTURE, not to be missed. You should set aside a few hours, or another day (if possible) to see that. If you plan on attending Disneyland over this Holiday Season, here are some highlights that you won't want to miss:

You can see the Resort, transformed into the Winter Wonderland now until January 2nd, 2011. I'm sure we'll be there again once more before it's over, we're addicted.... See you at the Park!





We'll be sure to add these festive photos of our family memories to the new campaign of LET THE MEMORIES BEGIN Have you added yours yet?

Wishing you and your family Peace, Joy & 
Disney Holiday Magic that lasts the entire year!

(Disclosure: No payment was received for this post. As members of the media, we were given tickets to the park to experience Holiday Magic at Disneyland Resort. This post represents our own views. Ho Ho Ho!)

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