Disney Sisters: Pixie Dusted Smiles at Pixie Hollow

Pixie Dusted Smiles at Pixie Hollow

Our smiles were Pixie Dusted when we stopped by Pixie Hollow at Disneyland recently and had a visit with Rosetta and Tinkerbell. The Disney Fairies are such an important part of the Disney Family, they shower us with Pixie Dust and help keep our childlike beliefs alive. 
We do believe in Fairies! We do believe in Fairies!

Disney is all about creating magic, and when you visit the fairies at Disneyland's Pixie Hollow you can have a magical moment. Especially with the new made for TV movie Pixie Hollow Games part of the fun is you never know which of the fairies will be there. It's all part of the fun, when you come around the corner after waiting in line... the Fairy reveal! Just look at these 2 little girls who were in line behind us. They were in awe of Rosetta! And this little girl dressed as Snow White was fascinated with Tinkerbell. (who isn't) Look at these special smiles with the characters! We couldn't help but capture them all with our camera. It was definitely a very magical day for them. (and us too!) Don't forget if you can't get to the Disneyland Resort can also visit your favorite fairies online to at Pixie Hollow World

We are all smiles today because we are co-hosting the Disney Blog Hop with our friend Lisa Robertson of Babes In Disneyland. (Buy her BOOK) Today's special theme is SPECIAL SMILES WITH THE CHARACTERS! Although you don't have to write about the theme, it's such a fun one we totally suggest it! So if you're a Disney Blogger link up here with us and make some new friends! Share the Magic by leaving comments, becoming a blog follower, liking on Facebook and following on Twitter of everyone on the list. (not necessary, but it sure is a nice thing to do) 
Fly With You Later!

*Thank you to Lisa for asking us to be apart of the magic that is Babes in Disneyland Disney Blog Hop! Disney Friends are the BEST!*


  1. LOVE these pictures! I have never met the fairies, maybe one day...

  2. I believe! I believe in fairies!!


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