Disney Sisters: Sofia Grace & Rosie.... Check Out Cars Land!

Sofia Grace & Rosie.... Check Out Cars Land!

The Ellen Show 
sent Sofia Grace & Rosie to check out Cars Land!

We had to share this video with you today, Ellen has discovered these little darlings from England. She invites them on adventures and shares them with us. Ellen is like their Fairy Godmother. If you have not seen these two girls yet, they are adorable. Watch the You Tube video as cameras follow the girls inside Cars Land where they met Mator, washed him with bubbles, had a flavored popcorn snack at Cozy Cone Motel, and even rode the new Cars Land attraction Luigis Flying Tires.

*We are huge fans of Ellen and hope to dance with her one day!*


  1. Disney car land provides adventurous tour of cars movies locations ,girls are looking excited after touring this car land.

  2. Cars floats on water and rolls on land for fun everywhere.


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