Disney Sisters: Gary Buchanan: The Ultimate Disney Cast Member #DisneySMMoms

Gary Buchanan: The Ultimate Disney Cast Member #DisneySMMoms

"It doesn't matter where you take things from, 
it matters where you take them to." - Jean Luc Godard 
(one of Gary Buchanan's favorite quote)

If you've ever been to any of the Disney Parks, you've probably been touched by a Cast Member. A Cast Member is what employees who work at Disney are called. They add the pixie dust to your Disney vacations. The people who work hard everyday to make sure that your experience at Disney is the very best it can be. They are always smiling, engaging with you (or your children), and usually asking if they can be of help in any way.

We have had an exceptional experience with an incredible Cast Member in particular. We met Gary Buchanan, Disney Parks Social Media Managing Editor, a few years ago in Florida at Disney Social Media Moms Celebration. He was leading a conference breakout session called "Fire and Ice" about the Disney Parks Blog with the Disney Parks Social Media Director, Thomas Smith. Over the past few years, he has wowed us with his creativity and made us laugh with his cute and quirky videos. He's super smart, unique, and not afraid to take risks. He has been an inspiration and a mentor to hundreds of Disney employees, Disney Moms Panel members, and Disney Social Media Moms. Everyone who meets him feels happier, and when he leaves you are left feeling that you just met someone really special - Gary is the real deal!

This week, we learned that his time at Disney is coming to an end which makes us very sad. We will miss learning from him and just being in his presence at various Disney events. Gary made our Disney experience as a whole even more magical and we truly appreciate him! We gathered a few of our favorite "Gary" quotes about creativity and paired them up with photos from some of our favorite moments of him!

Good luck on your new adventure Gary! You are a character all your own. We look forward to seeing the magic you create in your next role. Thanks for the memories!

Some Thoughts on Creativity from Gary:
"Date an idea, don't marry it."

"Creativity is coloring outside of the lines."

"Have fun and play with no rules."

"Through play you go from Ha-ha moment to Ah-ha moment."

"You can build on an idea that's been done before and you make it your own."

"Keep your foot on the gas pedal!"

(Gary's favorite Disney quote:)
"If you are coasting, it means your are going downhill" - Walt Disney

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