Disney Sisters: Disney Store Event: Minnie's Masquerade

Disney Store Event: Minnie's Masquerade

All of the Royal subjects gathered this past weekend at local Disney Stores for a very special event.

To celebrate the upcoming premiere Minnie's Masquerade on Disney Junior the Disney Store threw a viewing party for kids and parents alike. So I dressed up my daughter in her cute new Minnie Mouse top (From Target) got some ears & headed to the mall.

Remember we gave you all your very own invite?
Well we attended the Royal Ball, and we had a Ball.

They kids got crowns of their very own to decorate with stickers.

They screened the Minnie's Masquerade Movie.

Then they all danced the royal dance. Plenty of twirls, spins and bowing.

After that the princes & princesses paraded around the mall a few times.

And finally were escorted back to their parents and finished up with a little shopping. As you can see all of the children really got into it. My daughter even made some friends. (All fellow Disney Lovers, naturally.)

Check out some of the cute new Minnie things at your local Disney Store.
You can also find most of these things online at DisneyStore.com

Thanks again to my Sherman Oaks Disney Store Cast Members! They always make every time we walk through the doors very special for us... And everybody else!

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