Disney Sisters: Celebrating Sisters Day

Celebrating Sisters Day

Celebrating Sisters Day
We're celebrating the magic of sisterhood today.

“I don’t believe an accident of birth makes people sisters or brothers. It makes them siblings, gives them mutuality of parentage. Sisterhood and brotherhood is a condition people have to work at.”
- Maya Angelou

How special it would be to find the sister you never knew you had?
 In "Secret of the Wings" the all-new, Disney Fairies movie Tinker Bell finds out that she, herself, has a sister. We consider ourselves very lucky to have not only one, but two sisters. Two sisters to share secrets with. Two sisters to laugh with, to cry with and to enjoy life with. "Secret of the Wings" is endearing to all and for those with sisters, be sure to bring your tissues. sniff. sniff. 

While watching a screening of "Secret of the Wings" we were thrilled hear our favorite trio McClain Sisters sing the featured song, “The Great Divide.” Their voices are so beautiful and the song brought tears to our eyes. China Anne, Lauryn and Sierra are delightful girls and we are so proud of their success.

Celebrating the special bond between sisters, “The Great Divide” song is featured in the movie and in a contemporary version and music video that makes its world premiere on Disney Channel on September 9.  The song makes its exclusive online debut on Disney.com on September 10, and will also be released as a digital single by Walt Disney Records on September 11, 2012.

For the first time ever Tinker Bell will fly from Pixie Hollow onto Disney Blu-ray 3D 
on October 23 in "Secret of the Wings."


  1. that is awesome!!

  2. Cooollll!!!! I loveee china annr and her sisters!! China is my inspiration! She a my role model! Me and her are the same age!! This girl can play sooo many instruments! She is very talented!vehe can play the guitar, piano, harmonica, and the flute!!! Yet she can sing! She is amazing. And i love the mcclain sisters' songs! I play the clarinet, bass clarinet and every says i have an amazing voice. Me and china anne relate soo much. Thats why she is my role model/inspiration. China anne also has a unique style! I love it!!!! Her hair is gorgeous! I wish my hair was that long! My hair is shoulder length.. But it will be that long soon. Do you have extensions? It really doesnt matter cause your beautiful with and without makeup! And so is lauren and sierra!!! I love yall!! And hopefully i will be able to meet you guys one day! Its on my bucket list! But im sure i will! Ill just keep praying! When i grow up, i wanna be a hair stylist/ makeup artist or a fashion designer! This has always been my dream and i WILL suceed in it and make it come true. China makes me keep believing �� but i love you guys! Have a nice dayyyy!!!!
    -Maya xoxo

    1. Thanks for sharing that Maya! We love to hear from our readers. Keep up the good work with your music and we hope you get to meet the McClain sisters soon. They are very sweet!

  3. we also have our own way of celebrations...but it's literally a 'brother's day'


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