Disney Sisters: How to Draw Mike Wazowski from Monsters University

How to Draw Mike Wazowski from Monsters University

Ever since we saw this video on the Disney Channel this summer:

We've been inspired to draw. We've been spending more time with our kids whether it be coloring, painting or chalk drawing. Needless to say it's been a very artistic summer! Being that this summer's biggest hit was Monsters University, we thought it would be great to learn how to draw Mike Wazowski too! Our family had so much fun doing it that we made a little step-by-step version for you to follow.

Click here to 

Everyone's favorite monsters are popping up all over again. Mike and Sulley have returned to the big screen to show us a little of their past and where their story began. These guys also have starring roles in the new video game 

Remember when we first told you about the big game reveal from Disney Interactive? Super awesome new game that features some of our favorite Disney characters of all time! (Including  Mike) Have you picked up your copy yet? What do you think? 
It's the perfect activity for 
for kids of all ages. (Kids at heart too!)

We're pretty addicted! The fact that you can create your own worlds and play together with characters from different Disney/Pixar movies is a Disney fan's dream come true! Right?
Click here to see
and find out how to get your free downloads.

Let us know if you try our Mike Wazowski drawing tutorial - We'd love to see your scare-tastic sketches!

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