Disney Sisters: Playmation Marvel Avengers Collection: Figures, Gear, Accessories

Playmation Marvel Avengers Collection: Figures, Gear, Accessories

It's safe to say that Playmation by Disney is one of the most popular gifts to give this year for the holidays. It's wearable tech matched with connected toys that inspire missions built by your child's imagination. Like they are the star of their own movie staring all of Marvel's Avengers characters. Super Cool!

With Christmas right around the corner, we though you may want to get a closer look at the action figures, accessories, and gear all of which are probably on your child's Christmas wish list. Here's the figures and gear from Marvel's Avengers Collection up close and personal. Want to know something else exciting? Star Wars and Frozen are in the pipeline for future PLAYMATION Collections.

Before starting your mission, don't forget to download the AvengersNet app! Through the app you'll have access to Avengers Labs HQ where you can register your gear, download new missions, learn about characters and storylines, upgrade your Gear, and receive breaking news about adventures and milestones.

Bring a Hero Smart Figure on missions to team up against the enemy. Or train to become a stronger recruit and spar against them. Train enough, and you'll unlock a unique ability for your gear. Pick your favorites to play with and let your imagination soar.

For more information, visit www.playmation.com.

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Twitter: @Playmation

 Disclosure: We were invited as members of the media to the Disney Playmation Event. We also received some of the products above for review purposes only. The opinions on this blog are 100% magical and 100% those of the Disney Sisters only. All photos belong to us, unless otherwise stated. Thanks for reading our blog!

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