Disney Sisters: The Force Awakens Gift Guide - A Rey Roundup

The Force Awakens Gift Guide - A Rey Roundup

Every season has the "it" toys. The kind of toys that help define the holidays for that particular year. If our hunch is correct then anything and everything Star Wars : The Force Awakens will be a big part of that "it" list. As we see it, the true die-hards and collectors are already doing their holiday Star Wars shopping but the real demand is going to come right after the movie is released. In other words, we're thinking scoring some awesome Star Wars stuff now is a good call.

Us sisters have a thing for strong, independent, passionate girls. It's no surprise then to know that we're pretty excited that one of the main protagonists in The Force Awakens is an awesome girl named Rey. You can read about our fascination with her over on Tracey's blog. That said, we thought we'd share some of the items that feature Rey that are out on the market now in case you want to get your goods before the rush. We're pretty sure there is going to be a surge of amazing products released with the movie (of course, right?) but there's some great Rey themed gifts available now (or for pre-order) that could light your holiday tree up like a lightsaber! There are some really cool Star Wars products being rolled out, especially for girls and women (squeeeee!) so we're getting pretty excited. Here's a list of our favorites thus far. We're pretty sure something here will please the adventure girl on your holiday list.

(click the name of the item to be taken to the place you can order, for your convenience)

Star Wars The Force Awakens Rey and Speeder Bike

Rey's Survival Guide (available for pre-order)

The Force Awakens Figure Play Set

Rey Tee

 Star Wars : 5 Minute Star Wars Stories (available for pre-order)

Rey's Speeder Playset by LEGO

The Force Awakens Tent

Star Wars Sticker Book

Disney Infinity: The Force Awakens Play Set (3.0 Edition)

(available for pre-order)

Rey Pajamas

Funko POP Rey figure

Rey and BB-8 Elite Series Die Cast Action Figures

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