Disney Sisters: The Possibility Shop on DisneyFamily.com

The Possibility Shop on DisneyFamily.com

Let's Go Camping! 

When your kids ask to go camping
 in the middle of a rain storm, just remember...

 Anything's possible in
 "The Possibility Shop"!

Finding fun in your own backyard is what
 "The Possibility Shop" is all about.

Watch and learn how to make a fun camping experience right in the middle of your living room.

Do a little craft while you're gathered around the campfire.
Watch and learn how to make shadow puppets.

Need a little snack while you're camping?
Watch and learn how to create "make & take" s'mores.

Our photos and videos were taken when we were invited to The Jim Henson Studios to meet Courtney Watkins and have a Camping Party "The Possibility Shop" way!

 "The Possibility Shop" is taped in L.A. on the historic Charlie Chaplin lot, headquarters of
The Jim Henson Company
and can be seen on DisneyFamily.com

 In short cute videos Courtney Watkins, author of 'Courtney's Creative Adventures' and the host of
  The Possibility Shop shares her ideas with easy and fun crafts you can do with your kids.

Click to watch this video to hear from Courtney how The Possibility Shop was born.

Work together with your kids to show them all things are possible!

P.S. Need an idea for your child's next birthday party theme? 
This is it!!!

Full Disclosure: This is not a paid post. 
We were invited to an event to learn more about "The Possibility Shop".

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