Disney Sisters: DisneyFamily.com: The Possibility Shop

DisneyFamily.com: The Possibility Shop

Good News!
Disney Sisters have just discovered 
Jim Henson's
The Possibility Shop located on DisneyFamily.com
What is The Possibility Shop you ask?
 It's an online place to get creative inspiration and ideas to enjoy with your family,
and it's only a click away!
After watching several episodes, of The Possibility Shop we decided to share this one, OUR FAVORITE in particular. School has started everywhere and many kids are facing going to a new school or starting school for the first time. We love the super clever ways you can empower your kids shared in this video and help them get through any "butterflies" Click here for the list of materials needed to do this craft.

The Possibility Shop
Other things you'll find at The Possibility Shop
There are easy-to-follow instructions for all the activities shared:

You bet there are some clever ideas shared in the section: 
(Did we mention The Possibility Shop is presented by Clorox?)

 In short cute videos  Courtney Watkins, author of 'Courtney's Creative Adventures' and the host of
  The Possibility Shop shares her ideas with easy and fun crafts you can do with your kids.
 Work together and show your kids all things are possible!

This cute online series is on it's 3rd season already!
 Missed season 1 or 2? No problem, watch them here:
Watch Season 1   or  Watch Season 2
*You can also "Like" The Possibility Shop on Facebook*

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