Disney Sisters: Disney Store 25th Anniversary Quest

Disney Store 25th Anniversary Quest

It's Disney Store's 25th Anniversary and they've been throwing parties every Saturday in March to celebrate. Our favorite event so far was the Disney Store Quest, it was basically a big scavenger hunt inside the store.

When we arrived we were handed a paper with 6 characters and blank spaces next to each one. The directions were to find each character throughout the store. As you find each one, there will be a word attached. Write down the word next to the coordinating picture. Once you have found all of the characters and written down all of the words, there was a hidden message revealed.

At that point we took the paper with our special note to a cast member, who gave us a really neat gift. A puzzle with the 25th Anniversary commemorative graphic on it. It was a magical day and one of our very favorite Disney Store Events. Please check out this video of Jessica's daughter Kaia on her Magical Disney Store Quest!


Don't forget to check out the Event Schedule (all events are free) and hopefully we'll see you next Saturday where they will be giving our the exclusive Silver Mickey Ears Hats to the first 250 guests at each participating location!

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