Disney Sisters: Club Penguin: Save the Island from evil Herbert P Bear

Club Penguin: Save the Island from evil Herbert P Bear

The name is Penguin . . . Club Penguin.

If you haven't gotten involved with Club Penguin, here's your chance. 
There's a new VIP (Very Important Penguin) Mission at hand, and it's going to take the help from all of the Disney 007s.

Herbert P. Bear, the Club Penguin villain, has created a solar ray that takes all
the sunlight out of Club Penguin and redirects it to his own tropical headquarters. Club Penguin is calling upon players to enlist as secret agents and save Club Penguin Island before it is too late and Herbert blacks out the entire Island and takes over!

Herbert has a website of his very own ClubHerbert.com
This bear even has an evil twitter account where he has been tweeting all about his sinister plans. His last tweet was:

Make sure to follow him on twitter @ClubHerbert (we are totally following him) and use the hashtag #OperationBlackout

Become part of the Elite Penguin Force and defeat the evil Herbert P. Bear. 
Club Penguin Island is depending on you! 

You can Save the Island 
November 15th - December 4th 

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