Disney Sisters: "Sofia The First" Character Description of Baileywick, Clover and Cedric

"Sofia The First" Character Description of Baileywick, Clover and Cedric

"Sofia The First: Once Upon A Princess" wants to learn to be the best Princess she can be and she quickly finds many friends to help her on this new adventure.

Helping Sofia in her journey are the three headmistresses of Royal Prep Academy - Fauna, Flora and Merryweather (the beloved fairies seen in Disney's classic "Sleeping Beauty") and royal steward, Baileywick, as well as a group of cute woodland creatures led by a wise-talking rabbit, Clover. Sofia soon discovers that looking like a princess isn't all that difficult, but displaying honesty, loyalty, courage, independence, compassion and grace is what makes one truly royal.  

Craig Gerber, Co-Executive Producer and story editor and Jamie Mitchell, executive producer and director of Disney Junior's animated television movie "Sofia The First: Once Upon A Princess" and the animated series "Sofia The First" introduce a few of the characters that help Sofia along in her new journey to become a Princess.

Clover, is a bunny rabbit voiced by Wayne Brady.

Baileywick, the castle steward is voiced by Tim Gunn, of Project Runway.

Cedric the evil sorcerer is voiced by the totally awesome Jess Harnell. Jess voices many other Disney characters including most the recent Chilly from Doc McStuffins. Cedric's pet raven Wormwood is voiced by Jim Cummings. Jim is also the voice of Professor Popov, Sofia's dance instructor. You may also recognize Jim Cumming's voice as the voice of Tigger!!!
Sunday, November 18, 7:00-8:00 p.m., ET/PT 
on Disney Channel 
Thursday, November 22, 9:00-10:00 a.m., ET/PT on Disney Junior

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  1. The grand twins loved the show! But they made sure to point out they did NOT like Cedric! LOL


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