Disney Sisters: Why we take our family to Disneyland Resort for Disney Holidays

Why we take our family to Disneyland Resort for Disney Holidays

Everyone in our family has a different reason they love this season and what they look forward to most at Disneyland Resort during the holidays. We really love the way it makes us feel to share special holiday moments at the parks year after year. We continue to bring our families each Christmas holiday and cherish the memories we make.  

loves kicking off each holiday season with a trip to Disneyland. “It totally gets me into a holiday frame of mind! The park is so fun and festive for the season, it’s always just what I need to get me geared up for the holidays. It’s not about the rides at all—except of course It's a Small World Holiday and The Haunted Mansion Holiday which are done up with holiday flair—it’s about the decorations, the music, the parade and all the other things that stir up a sentimental feeling. I feel like a kid again! A family trip to the park at Christmas is the most enjoyable visit of the whole year."

loves that each member of her family gets to celebrate the holidays with their favorites. "We each take turns picking what to do next, we have so much fun trying to choose what new things we will add to our same favorite traditions from year to year. We are all given those extra special Magic feelings that only Disney knows how to give. Being surrounded by the beauty of the parks really gets us in the holiday spirit. No cooking, no cleaning, just our family focused on each other and the blessings we have been given."

really appreciates that how no matter how much it changes, the feeling is still the same. "From the moment I step foot into Disneyland, I know that I am about to have a memorable time with my family. Every visit is unique and yet, they each have the same magical quality, trip after trip, year after year. If you ask my favorite thing about Disneyland during the Holidays it has to be the feeling I get inside my heart. It's a joy that is indescribable. I know it sounds so corny, but I get emotional just thinking about it. It truly is the Happiest Place on Earth, and at Christmas time it's the Merriest Place on Earth."

What are your favorite family moments and memories at any Disney Park during the holidays? We'd love for you to share. 
Merry Christmas Eve everyone!!!

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    Disneyland is my most favorite destination place where i always interested to go with my children or doing a great fun...So thanks for the lovely post..!!


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