Disney Sisters: Popular Baby Names: The Best Disney Names for Boys and Girls

Popular Baby Names: The Best Disney Names for Boys and Girls

Having a Baby this year? Have you picked out a name yet?
Why not choose a name on our Disney-Inspired Baby Names list. 
There are plenty of choices for girls and for boys.
One of our very favorites that is trending for this year for baby girls is...

How adorable is that name? Named after none other than one of the world's most popular Disney Princess of all time. Also after the Once Upon A Time Character, played by Ginnfer Goodwin.
Can you imagine bringing home your brand new baby girl, Snow from the hospital?
Too precious for words!

For the entire list of the most Magical Baby Names of 2013,
make sure to check out our post over at Babble:

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Baby Name Sources: DisneyBaby.comNameberry.com and BabyCentre.com


  1. As a huge Dinsey geek, I try to put a little pixie dust in my name choices, however I like them to be a little more subtle. My son's middle name is Elias and his sister (due in June) is going to be Marceline. So a little more Disney history, and a little less direct-to-dvd, lol

  2. Very cute! I wish my kids names had Disney ties to them

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