Disney Sisters: Year of the Ear Presents Couture Collection Ear Hats by Disney Parks

Year of the Ear Presents Couture Collection Ear Hats by Disney Parks

We are big fans of the Ears folks! (Obvi)
So when we heard Disney Parks announce that 2013 is not only the year of  Limited Time Magic, but also Year of the Ear we practically flipped our lids. (Pun!) Disney will be releasing limited time Ears every month which will be perfect to add to your collection!

Photo Credit: Disney
Here are some of the Ear Hats that will be released this year, and only available for a limited amount of time. So if you are eyeing a pair, make sure to snap them up before they run out. For February they have released these fancy Ear headbands. Just in time to give one to your Valentine.

Photo Credit: Disney
If you have a photo of yourself or your family in your Disney Ears, Show Us Your Ears - Make sure to use our hashtag #ShowUsYourEars on Instagram.
You may even get featured on Babble.com in our Show Us Your Ears: A Disney Photo Gallery
Magical right?

If you'd like to see the entire Couture Ear Collection up close and personal... And for more photos of these pretty ladies (below) including an awesome slideshow - See our post on Disney Voices!

Which ear hat is your favorite? We want to know!

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