Disney Sisters: Costumes at Disneyland's Mickey's Halloween Party

Costumes at Disneyland's Mickey's Halloween Party

It's the time of year where creatures go lurking in the night. It's also that time where people everywhere have to decide on one of the most important decisions of the year...

What am I going to be for Halloween?

Need some inspiration? It's always fun to see what other people are doing. And it's even more fun to see what other Disney fans are doing... While at Mickey's Halloween Party at Disneyland, we took some photos of what we thought were fantastic costume ideas. Here's hoping you get inspired for this year's Halloween Time.


Cinderella costumes: ball gown and wedding gown  for girls available at DisneyStore.com

Captain Hook costume in child and adult sizes available at DisneyStore.com

Captain America costume for boys available at DisneyStore.com

Ariel costume for girls available at DisneyStore.com

Rapunzel costume in child and women sizes available at DisneyStore.com
Minnie Mouse costume available in baby/toddlerchild, and women sizes at DisneyStore.com
Pocahontas costume for girls available at DisneyStore.com

Keeping checking back with us ALL Week as we host 
COSTUME WEEK at DisneySisters.com
We have a lot more awesome ideas to share with you about what to be this Halloween!

Disclosure: This is not a paid post. We were invited to Disneyland and gifted tickets to Mickey's Halloween Party.

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  1. I want to go this year! We didn't get to go last year because Brian was in Ethiopia picking up Samuel!!!!! The year before we went and it was a blast!!!


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