Disney Sisters: Flash Back Friday: Disney Costumes

Flash Back Friday: Disney Costumes

We hope you've had as much fun as we have had checking out the AWESOME Disney Halloween Ideas at COSTUME WEEK by the Disney Sisters! We've showed you everything from costumes at Mickey's Halloween Party, to all of the great costumes at the Disney Store this year.

We thought we'd finish up the week with the Costumes of our Halloween Past. We've dressed our kids up in many Disney Costumes through the years. This is a perfect time to share them with you. We've had everything from Peter Pan to Tinkerbell. Figaro the Cat to Dumbo the Elephant and even Kermit the Frog. (It ain't easy being green) Each season is different and each year has been just as fun as the last! Going through our old photos and memories, it's so amazing to see how much of an impact Disney has on all of our lives. Is it the same for your family? 

Happy Flashback Friday Disney Friends!
Make sure to visit our friend Sarah aka Magical Days with the Mouse
to play along with us on Fridays!

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