Disney Sisters: Pumpkin Carving Disney Style

Pumpkin Carving Disney Style

Ever wonder how the Disneyland Resort gets their pumpkins to look so amazing? 
It's all Disney magic, but we've found the secret on Disney Family.com. You would totally impress all of your friends if you carved out this Disney Magic. Twenty templates are offered for characters including Mickey and Friends, Jack Skellington, Phineas and Ferb, and the newest Disney Princess, Rapunzel. It's easy you can download and print templates to use, and you too could have your pumpkins be the talk of your neighborhood.

If you've never been to Disney Family this is the perfect holiday to get acquainted with it. All October long, it's the 31 Days of Disney Crafts and Recipes to get your house or Halloween Party all decked out. Get the top 30 Disney Halloween printables HERE. But this site isn't just for Halloween, they have info and ideas on everything you may need as a parent, teacher or disney fan. Every season, every occasion, birthdays, even unbirthdays! They also have great info on Parenting and Travel. It's the perfect online family go-to destination.


  1. My sister did Rapunzel, and it looked great!! :D

  2. Seriously, you guys are too amazing. I love it!


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