Disney Sisters: Pixie Diamonds *NEW* at Pixie Hollow

Pixie Diamonds *NEW* at Pixie Hollow

Your Favorite Fairies are bringing more fun to PixieHollow.com 

Pixie Diamonds allow all players to shop in Pixie Hollow - no membership required!
Fairies in the Pixie Post Office redeeming Pixie Diamonds for postcards, fashions and accessories

For a nominal fee players can purchase Pixie Diamonds and use them to shop for furnishings for their Fairy House, new clothing and accessories, adopt an animal friend as well as send gifts to their friends. You can even use Pixie Diamonds to throw a pixie party and invite friends to play party games!

You don't need to have a membership to play at Pixie Hollow or to purchase Pixie Diamonds..
If you already have a membership, you will automatically receive a monthly allowance of 12, 15 or 25 Pixie Diamonds 

Here's some of the fairy-tastic things you can do when you fly into this online Pixie Hollow World:
Create your own Fairy
Explore the Meadows and make Friends
Shop for the latest Fairy Fashions
Get a Fairy Make-Over
Play Games
Make Fairy Friends
Throw a Pixie Party

You can choose to give that special friend or family member a subscription to
 Pixie Hollow in an e-mail and/or as a printable gift card!
This is not a paid post.

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